Snorkel Akumal- Turtle Heaven

Well, we're back from the resort portion of the family visit and we're exhausted. We need a vacation from our vacation! We spent a few days in Akumal, a couple hours down the coast and a spectacular destination for snorkelers and divers, particularly if you've got a love for turtles. We stayed at the Akumal Beach Resort (more on that later) and were able to snorkel right off the beach as well as in the nearby Yal Ku lagoon. The whole family got in on the snorkel action, even my mom who is nervous with a mask and tube. By the end of the week Max really had a handle on the equipment and was snorkeling like a pro! We've taken him out before but this was really the first time that he "got" it, he kept popping his head out of the water and screaming that he saw a "giant fishy!" I swear that my first time in the water I saw ten turtles in about ten minutes, I was ecstatic. The Yal Ku lagoon is a great place for beginner snorkelers, it's calm and protected and full of sea life, though in order to see the good coral formations you've got to be a pretty strong swimmer to get out near the ocean.

Here are some of the photo highlights of our snorkeling adventures...

Yal Ku Lagoon

Yal Ku Lagoon

Max getting ready to enter Yal Ku

Mom, the somewhat nervous snorkeler
did a great job in the ocean

Max the Super Snorkeler with Hubby

My Daddy in Yal Ku

Wittle Fishies

Lots of these yellow stripey guys in Yal Ku

Coral Formations in Yal Ku near the sea

Sea Turtle

A Little Guy

Same Little Guy Checking Me Out

Bigger Guy Having Breakfast

And there you have it, just a sampling of snorkeling photos from our adventures down south. I'll have more later this week about the rest of our experience, but I couldn't wait to share these with you.

Now, a wee lecture. It is against the law and a horrible disgusting act to mess with the coral and sea life. I was quite angry to see a tourist taking a piece of coral out of the lagoon and really disgusted to see people standing on the coral, kicking up the ocean floor and trying to touch the marine life. I also witnessed folks slathering on sun screen before getting in the water. PLEASE, please, please, RESPECT the incredible place we have, don't destroy it any more than it has been already. Do NOT touch the coral, do not stand on it, do not use your fins more than necessary (light, gentle, fluttery kicks do you more good than clumsy huge splashes), do NOT wear sunscreen, a t-shirt or snorkel shirt is much better than even the "eco-friendly" brands, do NOT try to touch the turtles or urchins or other sea life. It's sad to see people treat these natural wonders like they were built by Disney, once we lose them, they're not going to come back, no "Imagineers" can fix the damage, do all you can to keep the beauty of the region for years to come. Ok, off my soap box, I figure most of you probably know all this but I felt like I needed to rant for a moment.

More later this week!


KfromMichigan said…
Yal Ku is a great place. We always stop if driving south. And we have never seen it crowded. Glad you are having fun with Mom and Dad. Can't wait to see more pics.
Anna said…
I wholeheartedly second your rant on protecting the environment. Dive skins/ snorkel shirts are much safer for the environment and your skin. I'm a scuba instructor here in Cozumel and am also often dismayed at the way people treat the animals and coral in our marine park. Lets respect the beautiful reefs we have, so that max can enjoy them when he's grown up. I would only add that the amount of trash floating in our oceans and washing up on our beaches is scary. Instead of plucking a bit of coral or pretty shell, lets all try to remove a piece of garbage from the beach/ ocean.
PS your vacation looks awesome!!!
Estuardo said…
Hello again from Guatemala!!! Thanks for the tons of tips you gave us on your blog. We visited Cancun 2 weeks ago and the weather was awesome. Because of your great advise, we could visit the reef in Puerto Morelos and also Yal Ku. You´re so lucky to live there and enjoy those beautiful places every day.


Joy said…
I know exactly how you feel about the coral damage. I really wish Quintana Roo gov't would make it harder for novice snorkelers to get so close to reefs. I've seen people stand on them (inadvertently, usually) or get too close, not paying attention to currents and depth. It's terrible.
Anonymous said…
I didn't know that sunscreen was a big no no. Although now you mention it, it must be full of chemicals and stuff.
Gaelyn said…
Those underwater pics are amazing. Love the turtles. How can people be so studpid to destroy the very beauty they've come to see. Glad you're having a good visit. Look forward to more.
It is good to get on a little soap box now and then. A lot of people just do not realize so it is good that they get a reminder. For those who do know better and just do not care... Karma is going to get them.
Kelly said…
I would love to see sea turtles, I'm going to have to rent a car next time I'm in Mexico I suppose! Love the pictures, sounds like you had a fantastic time with your family :)
Sara said…
Looks like a lovely place to vacation. I'm a little jealous. I also hate stupid people who don't respect the environment and do stupid things like that that will inevitably destroy it and then they'll be the ones pointing fingers.
Heather said…
Print and post that on the beaches! Glad you had a good time, i love sea turtles! So jealous!
the underwater photos are beautiful, looks like you all had a great time! We have not been to cancun before, but your blog shows it to be a beautiful place. Once we have more work completed on our casa here in alamos, we will be venturing out for more travel.
I want your life so bad. Hubby, kid, Cancun...come on.
On Mexican Time said…
Awesome pics amiga !!!

I think it's awesome you posted about the "basics" of snorkeling! I have to say I know a few ppl who didn't know you couldn't do many of those things!!! Nothing wrong with a little education!!!!

Have fun with your family!!! Looking fwd to the trip report on Akumal Beach Resort!!
Cancun Mexico said…
I congratulate you for such wonderful vacation in Cancun. Especially the child who must have learned wonderful things for the turtles and fish.
Jonna said…
I'm so glad you and familia had such a good time in Akumal. I only wish that we had been there to meet up with you.
I've enjoyed reading your blog now for over a year. I enjoy hearing about your assimilation into the life you now have. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I have often snorkled in Akumal... love the ABR and the area. Many times I've stopped my snorkel and stuck my nose into someone else's vacation who thinks it would be awesome to grab a turtle... So, just stay up on that soapbox so everyone knows what damage they could cause. I hopw your message is heard by many and for a long time to come.

Thanks again for sharing a piece of your life with us folk who only dream of being in your place.

All the best...

(Windsor, Ontario)
Brandi said…
Does anyone know what camera the Cancun Canuck uses for the under water shots? They take great pics and i would like to get the same one!!!
CancunCanuck said…
Hi all,
Thanks so much for all your comments and support for keeping our natural resources protected for years to come!

Robin- Hi and welcome, I'm a Windsor girl from long back, my parents still live there, glad to have you aboard, thanks for commenting!

Brandi- I use a Sony point and shoot with a Sony sport pack. Sadly, both the camera and the sport pack have been discontinued! Have a look around online, perhaps some scuba forums would offer some ideas for good underwater set ups that don't cost a fortune. Glad you like the pics!
Kathy said…
Echo Robert on the camera comments. I get the disposables from Costco (and wave at HH as we drive by :)) but my underwater pictures SUCKETH.

I hear your rant on the tourists and we LURVE us some Yalku! We haven't been there for a while...

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