Only in Mexico

My parents are coming to visit next week and since my dad is such a handyman, they're going to help us fix up some problems in the house. As renters we haven't done much, I really don't want to invest money in someone else's house, but we are at the point where we don't have a functioning toilet so something's gotta give. Having guests in the house means we really should have a toilet that flushes without having to open it up every time and taps on the sink that work, don't you think? I can't be telling my folks that they can only wash their hands in the kitchen sink, so gauche. We're also going to redecorate Max's room in the hopes that he might actually want to sleep in there. (**note, Max says the monsters are gone after our limpieza, but he still won't sleep in his own bed). So, what all this means is a visit to Home Depot and various plumbing places around town in the search for all "da stuff" we need for these repairs.

We were having our usual bit of stress whenever a decision needs to be made when suddenly the muzak in Home Depot changed and we heard trumpets blasting. Lo and behold, this is what is coming our way.....

Our stress evaporated as we watched the performance and we were able to settle on a colour for Max's room and decide to buy the toilet elsewhere. Music soothes the savage beast, si?

Only in Mexico, go toilet shopping and get a taste of culture. Gotta love it.


K.W. Michigan said…
Lucky you .. that never seems to happen when I'm there! Wonder if your parents have room for me in their suitcase? Think they will miss the snow??!!
That is great. Yes, only here.

So just curious - why doesn't your landlord fix your toilet?
Brenda said…
yup, you are right only in Mexico. Gotta love it!
CancunCanuck said…
K.W.- Run upstairs and ask my dad if you can fit, lol! I don't think they'll miss the snow one little bit. Mostly they are extremely excited to see Max, it's been almost a year since their last visit.

American Mommy- Getting anything done by our landlord is hard. Mostly because Hubby doesn't think that landlords should pay (what kind of thinking is that???), that because we live here, we are responsible. I can't get it through his thick head that it is their house, their responsibility. We will present her with the bill when all is done, HOPEFULLY she will deduct the cost from the rent. But heck, we've been waiting four years for her to paint the house and that hasn't happened either. Doubly tricky right now as the owners are a married couple in the middle of a divorce so neither of them wants to take responsibility for the house. (Sorry, that explanation was far too long, sigh).

Brenda- Just another one of those things that makes me love where we live!
On Mexican Time said…
Ohhh... and you didn't even have to pay :))
Sue said…
Maybe your Mexican esposo should have a chat with mine. Miguel is a landlord and would never expect his tenant to pay for normal wear and tear repairs in his apartment. Cosmetic stuff, well that's a different story, but a toilet is hardly that...hehehe...

Enjoy the time with your parents!
Islagringo said…
Can you say Sorpresa? The best place in Cancun to get plumbing and electrical supplies. Corner of Tankah and Chitzen. (not sure of the spelling!)

Had to laugh at Amercan Mommy's comment.
Jennifer said…
Thats awesome. I never got to see anything like that while in Honduras - maybe I was just going to the wrong stores, LOL.

Girl I have missed you, and I need to chat with you - can you send me an email porfa.

Beth said…
That's awesome! Now why doesn't that happen in Canada???
Laura said…
Wish that would catch on here in Iowa, I could use a little entertainment while in Home Depot.
Anonymous said…
You are soooo lucky ...
I NEVER see a mariachi band at Home Depot in Pittsburgh!


CancunCanuck said…
On Mexican Time- LOL, yep, a freebie, I loves me the freebies!

Sue- Ooooh, can Miguel be our landlord?? If we didn't have such a great deal on the rent, we'd probably complain more about getting stuff done, but we do have a bargain. I guess you get what you pay for. :)

Heather- Sweet indeed. I think mariachis should be in every Home Depot.

IslaGringo- It was a good surprise, lightened our mood considerably. I think I know the plumbing place you are talking about, too bad they are closed on Sundays (our plumbing shopping day, lol).

Jennifer- What? No mariachis in Honduras? (wink). I am SO glad to see you here again, been thinking about you a lot and can't wait to catch up. I sent you an email, hope you got it, if not, my mail is the same, cancuncanuck at hotmail or gmail.

Beth- I would be REALLY surprised to see mariachis in Canada, but pleasantly so! More likely to get some folksy singer from the East Coast, eh?

Laura- Home Depot definitely requires some sort of entertainment, I get overwhelmed by pipes and tools and such.

Janie- Hmmm, mariachis in Pittsburgh? That would be strange indeed, but I bet they would brighten the shopping day!

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