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Working in Cancun: Making the Most of the "Vida Godínez"

Hola everybody! I know, I know, it's been a long time since I've written but here I am with a brand new post and hairdo!

So, what's the Canuck been up to? Working, exploring, being mom and cleaning up after six cats. I've got a new car (her name is Dusty and I love her!), got a new kitty named Blaze (love her too!) and a "new" job!

Dusty The Adventuremobile
 Blaze: Kitty Number Six
After years of working freelance, writing in my jammies from home and enjoying it MASSIVELY, I was invited to interview for a travel agency here in Cancun to create content and develop and implement strategies in social media marketing. I confess that I was hesitant to return to "la vida Godinez" (a very Mexican expression for "office worker/drone") after years of "freedom" and no uniforms. I was frank about my doubts and clear about the conditions I would need to commit to the change. We came to an agreement and I joined the team at GoMexico.

Best Tea…