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Top Five Shore Fishing Spots in Cancun or How I Lost My Weekends

Canuck knows how to fish n chill
photo courtesy the FABULOUS Marhu
My kid is obsessed. Deeply, passionately obsessed about fishing. He doesn't watch TV, he doesn't care for video games, he only wants to FISH and watch anything on Youtube about fishing, fishing gear, knots, boats, lures, techniques, the ones that got away and the ones that put up a good fight.

I won't complain, there are worse things that a kid could do! We talk a lot about "responsible fishing", how to return the fish as quickly as possible to the sea with as little distress as possible (we are pure catch and release), keeping the beach clear of old hooks, lines and nets, showing respect for the animals and their environment. He is gentle and kind and truthfully, I've seen him give the fish a kiss before releasing it back to the ocean (gross but true!)

Finding a good place to fish without a boat in Cancun has been a harder task than I anticipated. The gorgeous beaches are lovely, but not home…