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Guardavidas Junior Cancun Curso de Verano - Junior Lifeguards Summer Camp Cancun

Summer in Cancun! School is out and like every parent, I was seeking a way to keep Max busy, entertained and learning over the summer break. There is a great variety of "cursos de verano", summer camps in Cancun, music, art, sports, but when I saw the "Guardavidas Junior Cancun Curso de Verano", I knew my search had ended.

This is THE ideal summer camp for Cancun kids. Water safety and respect for the ocean are things I have been instilling in Max since birth, taking it to the next level with real water rescue and first aid training was a dream come true for us both.

We are at the end of the first week and I am knocked out by how much was covered. I love that each day begins with a clean-up of the beach, respect for nature from the first moment. The coaches insisted on discipline and order with the 30 kids and they all got on board. If they didn't, it was push-ups in the sand, they learned QUICK to pay attention to instructions!

Three groups of 10 kids rotated…

Girl's Weekend Getaway in the Riviera Maya

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I will never, ever complain about my work, visiting hotels, living travel experiences and writing about them for the world. But it IS work. Generally when "influencers" are invited to a hotel, we are on a tight schedule following a public relations person around, seeing all that they wish us to see. It is interesting, educational and fun, but rarely relaxing. So when Booking Hello invited me for a weekend escape promising NO organize…