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Un Paso Mas Por Lesly - One More Step for Lesly

Un Paso Mas Por Lesly - One More Step for Lesly
There have been days when it feels like the world is against me, that everything is a struggle and I just do not have the power to keep moving forward.  And then, I met Lesly. Gorgeous smiling face, charming personality and an attitude that ANYTHING is possible, she has inspired me to be grateful for every blessing in my life and to set my goals high.

Lesly is a 17 year old Cancunense, a true warrior woman. She lost her leg at 7 years old in a car accident but that has not stopped her from pursuing an extraordinary life. She is a champion swimmer, winning medals and warming hearts wherever she goes and always seeking new challenges like rocking out the Jetsurf. Her dream is to attend college to study to be a trainer for people with disabilities and to continue her athletic journey.

Working together with Guardavidas Cancun, Jetsurf Mexico, SUP Ladies de Bahia and Equipo Forza, we have created a campaign to raise funds to purchase a prosth…

Top Five Shore Fishing Spots in Cancun or How I Lost My Weekends

Canuck knows how to fish n chill
photo courtesy the FABULOUS Marhu
My kid is obsessed. Deeply, passionately obsessed about fishing. He doesn't watch TV, he doesn't care for video games, he only wants to FISH and watch anything on Youtube about fishing, fishing gear, knots, boats, lures, techniques, the ones that got away and the ones that put up a good fight.

I won't complain, there are worse things that a kid could do! We talk a lot about "responsible fishing", how to return the fish as quickly as possible to the sea with as little distress as possible (we are pure catch and release), keeping the beach clear of old hooks, lines and nets, showing respect for the animals and their environment. He is gentle and kind and truthfully, I've seen him give the fish a kiss before releasing it back to the ocean (gross but true!)

Finding a good place to fish without a boat in Cancun has been a harder task than I anticipated. The gorgeous beaches are lovely, but not home…

Selvatica Cancun - Jungle Love with Discovery Mundo

But first, let me take a selfie #goprokid 
On a recent summer weekend in Cancun, bouncing down a jungle road with sweat dripping into my eyes, I can't help but smile as I remember the first time we visited Selvatica. Max was only 3 years old, the tiniest little thing, but even back then he was vying to be the first to fly on the ziplines and only upside down por favor. Seven years later he has become quite the expert in extreme adventures and we were delighted to accept the invitation of Discovery Mundo to visit Selvatica for a fresh look at the park and a great day of adrenaline-fueled fun.

Just chilling in the tree tops (photo courtesy Selvatica)
Now that Max is a niño grande, the local agencies and public relations folks know that he is THE man to invite on fam trips (and sure, bring your mom too). The gang of media peeps who are regularly invited seem to like having him around, he brings a sense of humour, wonder and an infectious energy to the day and he has become a full-fl…

Guardavidas Junior Cancun Curso de Verano - Junior Lifeguards Summer Camp Cancun

Summer in Cancun! School is out and like every parent, I was seeking a way to keep Max busy, entertained and learning over the summer break. There is a great variety of "cursos de verano", summer camps in Cancun, music, art, sports, but when I saw the "Guardavidas Junior Cancun Curso de Verano", I knew my search had ended.

This is THE ideal summer camp for Cancun kids. Water safety and respect for the ocean are things I have been instilling in Max since birth, taking it to the next level with real water rescue and first aid training was a dream come true for us both.

We are at the end of the first week and I am knocked out by how much was covered. I love that each day begins with a clean-up of the beach, respect for nature from the first moment. The coaches insisted on discipline and order with the 30 kids and they all got on board. If they didn't, it was push-ups in the sand, they learned QUICK to pay attention to instructions!

Three groups of 10 kids rotated…

Girl's Weekend Getaway in the Riviera Maya

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I will never, ever complain about my work, visiting hotels, living travel experiences and writing about them for the world. But it IS work. Generally when "influencers" are invited to a hotel, we are on a tight schedule following a public relations person around, seeing all that they wish us to see. It is interesting, educational and fun, but rarely relaxing. So when Booking Hello invited me for a weekend escape promising NO organize…

A Little Love for the Sargasso in the Riviera Maya

Anyone who has traveled to any beach destination in the Caribbean this year has noticed the abundance of seaweed on our shores, Riviera Maya beaches included. We have seen a huge increase in the amount of sargasso on the beach, more than I have seen in my almost 12 years here. While tourists complain, I have to say, let's show a little love and respect to nature, there are GOOD things to be said about this natural phenomenon.

"The Sargasso Sea" is an area of the Atlantic Ocean roughly 1100 kms wide and 3200 kms long, home to the seaweed called "sargassum". There are no physical boundaries to the sea, only the currents of the Atlantic mark its boundaries. Christopher Columbus reported on the vast expanse of seaweed on his 1492 crossing to the new world, erroneously thinking it meant land was near.

So why the heck is there SO MUCH SEAWEED this year? My research came up with a lot of speculation and no real answers. Changing climate, changing patterns of the sea,…

Deep Sea Fishing with Aquaworld Cancun

Fishing, pesca, fish, fishety fish fish lure tackle fish line fishery-doo-da-day. Max is a pretty good little conversationalist for ten years old but as of late, he's a one track wonder. FISHING. I have mandated "NO Fish Talk" time at home to save my sanity during dinner, but he just can't help himself and it is inevitable that I will hear all about how to fly fish in Florida or hand jigging in Cuba or the correct way to remove a hook. Mmm, tasty dinner convo.

Of course, as much as the FISHFISHFISH talk can get tiresome, I am also a mom who likes to see her kid happy so I was grateful to the fine folks at Aquaworld Cancun when they offered us a chance to go deep sea fishing. 

Growing up on the Great Lakes, I was always happy to be on a boat and have my line in the water, but this was my first time on the open sea going for the "big ones". Max and I invited our friends along for the ride, arriving at the Aquaworld Marina at 7 am for an early start. We were …