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The Bravest Race Xplor Park Riviera Maya 2014

"Fear is a Liar" was the phrase of the day at "The Bravest Race 2014" at Xplor Park in the Riviera Maya. This was the first race of its kind in the area, a 5 km obstacle course in the jungle, over rough terrain, through cenotes, jumping off cliffs, crawling through mud, climbing through ice, the 1100 participants battled through while being chased by "The Fears" trying to steal their bravery. The goal was simply to finish, the bravest with their "flags" intact, no first place, no last, just a group of awesome athletes pushing their limits and having a blast doing it.

I was invited as press to cover the event, which meant a very early Sunday morning. We left Cancun before the sun came up! I had Max with me and he soon had the bus laughing and awake with his "jokes" (8 year old jokes are seldom all that funny). We arrived at the park and made our way to the press "lounge". A parking area had been set up as the starting line/pa…

Xoximilco "A Taste of Mexico" in Cancun

Xoximilco is the newest attraction from the Xperiencias Xcaret Group, modeled after the famous area of canals in Mexico City, "Xochimilco". 

Just when I thought I had seen and done it all in the Riviera Maya, along comes Xoximilco. I had been looking forward to this new experience for a long time, I had been hearing all about the development of the project for months and was eager to "get on board". The idea sounds simple...dinner and drinks on a boat (a traditional "trajinera"). The execution of the idea was anything but simple, it was an evening rich in details!

This was a night for the press to have a taste of the park, which means I was surrounded by the usual gang of good friends who normally attend these events. We were laughing before the first round of drinks, we were all ready for a party. We had about an hour to enjoy the bar, the esquites, the shop with some really gorgeous pieces of art, the Xoloescuincle puppies and have our fortunes told by …