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Catalonia Riviera Maya Weekend Escape

Most people think that living in Cancun is an endless beach party, cocktails, sunshine and bikinis. OH how I wish that were true. The reality is that we work and work and work and work and that very few people actually take the time to enjoy the beauty that is around us or to relax and enjoy a "touristy" moment. Fortunately, my job entails taking those moments (work, work, work) and writing about them. Perhaps not often enough, but enough that I recognize just how fortunate I am. 
I was recently invited to spend a weekend at the Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort in Puerto Aventuras. And OH how we needed this escape. Boyfriend and I jetted (ok, drove) down to Puerto Aventuras on a Friday night, had a very welcoming and friendly check-in and settled in to our suite. Ooooh, sweet suite in the "privileged" section of the hotel (a little upgrade from the standard rooms, more amenities, privacy and tranquility). I had purposely starved myself that day knowing I would be spe…

Festival de Vida y Muerte Xcaret Park 2013

Quiero pib, quiero pib, quiero pib!

Every year as the end of October approaches, my stomach starts to growl and my mouth starts to water as thoughts of "pib" aka "mucbilpollo" start dancing in my head. "Pib" is a traditional dish served for "Dia de los Muertos" or "Hanal Pixan", similar to a tamal and oh so tasty. I know that I will get my "pib" fix when I visit Xcaret for the annual "Festival de Vida y Muerte" event. And my hot chocolate. And churros. And coconut candy.

The food is not the only reason to attend this grand fiesta (though it sure is a good one). Every year Xcaret Park in the Riviera Maya plays host to the "Festival of Life and Death", a cultural celebration honouring the Mexican traditions of "Day of the Dead". Dance, music, theater, children's activities, visual art, there is so much to do that you can't possibly see it all. I take the most pleasure in just wandering aro…