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How do YOU Travel? Hyatt World's Largest Focus Group Twitter Fiesta

How do YOU travel? What are your "on the road rituals"? How do you stay in touch with family and friends, balance a personal life and maintain a healthy diet? (Or not, ooooh that Mexican cuisine!) Share your rituals and learn how other travelers deal with being on the road in a gigantic Twitter party with Hyatt and LatinaBloggers connect!

I (@cancuncanuck) will be one of the co-hosts of the "world's largest focus group" along with @zancada@tipsdeviajeros and @mconstruyendo on Thursday September 26, 2013 starting at 12:00 pm CST with our moderators @lbconnect and @laflowers and of course, @hyattpr. Just follow the hosts and the hashtag #HyattWLFG. We'll ask the questions, you provide the answers in a fast-paced hour of tweeting fun. Learn from the experts on how to stay in touch and stay healthy when traveling and share your ideas and routines. RSVP on Facebook please!

This is a world-wide event with chats taking place over 24 hours! Hyatt will be engaged a…