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Three Steps to Inner Peace in Veracruz, Mexico

Letting in the peace in Nanciyaga
Inner peace. Cheesy phrase really, overused by many and the true meaning of the words elude most people, myself included. I don't know that I have ever set out in search of "inner peace", but on my recent trip to Veracruz for the ATMEX convention, it kind of found me.

The last few years of my life have been...well..."chaotic".  My personal growth was stunted and I was trapped in a cycle of negativity and self-doubt that seemed endless. My life situation has been improving over the last year, IMMENSELY actually, but I still hadn't found that light inside of myself that allowed me to breathe with ease and truly enjoy the good things I have in my life.

On my departure for Veracruz, I looked forward to adventure and business contacts and a break from my routine. What I did not foresee was the spiritual voyage I was embarking on. Reading the agenda for the government sponsored fam trip with 50 travel professionals, I certainly …

Market 23 Cancun

Fresh meat

"Cheaper than Walmart!" "One dollar, one dollar!" "I rip you off less!"

The typical phrases of the vendors in the touristy markets of Cancun like Mercado 28 and Coral Negro, hawking their t-shirts and shot glasses to sunburnt travellers and trying to make a few pesos to feed their families. Unfortunately most tourists think that these are traditional Mexican markets, but in a real market you won't hear those shouts, certainly not in English. 

"El Granero", the place for party and piñata supplies
A "real" market is a place where locals gather to purchase fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats and fish, in addition to various gew gaws, decorations, art and of course piñatas and religious relics.
Everyone needs a religious dolly
The local market in Cancun is called "Mercado 23", a lively and colourful place where you'll find few if any tourists. The twisty-turny paths may at first seem random, but after a couple of…

Cenote Jardin del Eden in the Riviera Maya

"Mommy, PLEEEEASE let me jump from the tree, PLEASE!"

Max looking on enviously at the girl in the tree
Uhhh, no. I rarely stop Max from doing something adventurous, but as the cliff was over 4 meters high and the tree added at least another 2, I felt it was my motherly duty to say "no" to a 6 meter leap into a cenote. I love that he is daring (like his mom), but I suppose I have to draw the line somewhere (don't I?).

To his credit, he accepted the "no" with only a minor grumble and proceeded to jump from the cliff. Over and over and over again. People were lined up on the top to take their turn, many hesitating for a long time, some deciding they did not have the courage. Max embarrassed a few "chickens" into making the jump, their friends mocking them saying "The little kid has done it a hundred times, just do it once!"

Playing with the new camera, the "Half in, Half Out" shot
Gorgeous fishies (though they tend to fight!…