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White Water Rafting in Veracruz

Rafting the Rio Antigua
"Paddles up! Langostinos!" Shouts ring out over the roar of the river, celebrating the crossing of our first set of rapids. We're on the Rio Antigua in Jalcomulco, Veracruz, we're on a floating, bouncing piece of yellow rubber, we are wet and we are desperately holding on to our "50 dollars" (the formal name given to the paddles by our guides, losing them was going to cost us). And we are eager for the next rapid run.

When I received the invitation to attend the ATMEX conference in Veracruz, I was honoured. When I discovered that the trip included a white water rafting excursion, I was through the roof. It would be my first time on a rapids adventure, first time in Veracruz and first time "glamping" (glamour camping). The month before the trip I found myself obsessively watching rafting videos and checking out photos of our accommodations in Jalcomulco with Mexico Verde Expediciones. I went through the very girly phase of …

Catching Up with Canuck

A Nanciyaga, Veracruz moment with Canucka
Oh my it has been a long time. Too long. I realize that the blog has been hanging out in the shadows of my mind, nudging me from time to time and whispering "Hoooooola, te extrañoooooo¨.  The truth of the matter is that I lost track of what this blog is about. Expat/mommy/news/adventure/general nonsense, I have kind of covered it all since beginning in 2007.  In becoming a "professional" blogger, writer and social media maven, the time for my personal blog mostly disappeared, the inspiration was lost and it all seemed like a duty instead of something fabulous and fun. I have begun to really it miss it though and hope that by taking a leap with this (unplanned/unstructured/off the top of my head) post, I can get the ball rolling again.

On top of the world. Well, on top of the Nohoch Mul pyramid at Coba.
So, what have you missed? Or where should I start? "Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a M.I.A. blogger trying to get back on t…