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Meeting Mexico Part Five: Last Day

This is part five, the final chapter in a series of guest posts from the charming Samantha Bennett...see previous posts here...

Last day. My flight does not leave until 7 tonight. A pall hangs in the air, the day, speckled with goodbyes. A final trip into town where I purchase a silver gecko keychain, so each time I leave and enter my home and car I will touch something to remind me of my time here. I write this from the beach, my last few hours here in the sand. I am hyper aware of all the ‘lasts’- last lunch with Mumsy, last swim in the Spanish surf. My heart is already in knots, thinking of saying goodbye to Mum. This has been our first holiday alone together, and we have discovered we are good room-mates, and compadres. Our energies and preferences are similar enough that we weave around and through each other with ease. She sits near me now, reading in our palapa, and I miss her already. Christ. I am such a sap today. I walk to the shore to have a final saunter through the shallow…

Meeting Mexico Part Four: Ixtapa Island and further ex-pats

This is part four of a series of guest posts from the marvelous Samantha Bennett....see previous posts here

Sammy and the Sea
Never turn your back on the sea. It will tumble you like dice. Up becomes down. All control is torn from you in one wet reeling moment. Outstanding.

Whole fish experience
Madeline’s kids arrive today. Fresh blood! Mads has been skipping about all morning in anticipation, and when they arrive I can see why. Twinkley, handsome Michael and his pretty wife, Michelle. Mad’s daughter Cathy and her wife, Audrey. Everyone friendly, happy. We group troop to Maxim’s for supper and I make the dubious choice of ordering a whole red snapper, which arrives, of course, with head and tail, one dead eye staring glassily up at me from the plate. I stare back silently until Jayme offers to de-bone the thing for me. I can’t get it into her hands fast enough, and watch with fascinated horror as she neatly chops off the head, slits its belly open, and removes its entire rib cage and s…

Meeting Mexico Part Three: Zihua and Barra de Potosi

This is part three of a series of guest posts from my beautiful friend Samantha Bennett.... see previous posts here

Sweet Sammy and the beach dogs
The town of Zihuatanejo has been a fishing village for many decades. Everyone calls it Zihua ( Zeewa). Resorts and high rises tried to move in but were unsuccessful. Locals said no, and they said no firmly. The town hunkers down around a lovely bay filled with ships and boats of all sizes. Hills rise up on three sides, and ramshackle houses cluster everywhere. Little open-air stalls rub elbows with the pricier boutiques that can afford a glass front and door. Everyone talks to us as we walk by: “Hola Senorita! Good price for you today. Almost free!” The shops bulge with bright cotton dresses, jewellery of silver, obsidian, shells and wood. Carvings too of dolphins, turtles, swordfish, whale. Lean dogs slink around the moving cars and wander the streets, some of them clearly sick with mange, fleas, and a host of other afflictions. The Mothers…

Meeting Mexico Part Two: Ixtapa

This is part two of a series of guest posts from my wonderful friend Samantha Bennett, recounting her tales of her recent first visit to Mexico. Click here for part one.

Ixtapa once consisted entirely of coconuts, miles and miles of plantation acreage. In the 1970’s developers moved in and hotels sprang up along the beautiful beach. We leave the compound and walk to the town along manicured boulevards and pretty sidewalks inlaid with shell and stone. It is very clean, very neat, until we reach a sort of flea market, dozens of little stalls crammed together. I feel like I am in Mexico again when I enter here. It is dirty, smelly, hot and raucous, stuffed with jewels, bright clothes, ceramics, key chains, bags, hats. You name it and it is probably available to you. After 30 minutes of this I am claustrophobic and dart back out to the open air with Mumsy, and we continue our stroll past their version of 7 eleven, Oxxo, past Scruples, the big grocery store, and end up on the pretty side-wa…

Meeting Mexico Part One.-- Ex-pat elders

A fabulous friend of mine recently visited Mexico for the first time. She sent me the journal of her experience and I loved it so much that I asked if I could share it on my blog as a guest post. This is the first in the five-part series "Meeting Mexico", by the wonderfully talented and beautiful Samantha Bennett. I hope you enjoy!

Kristina and Yutaka drop me off at the Montreal airport and I sit now at the gate, alone and too early, watching the French sun rise. I feel open and calm, a gal of the millennium with my laptop and Israeli flats, my swish coat of soft green folded demurely on my lap. On my lips, the new Mac red, Runaway, and my fingernails, usually jagged and grubby, now filed and smooth. I may be a grown-up.

First Glimpse of the Sea at Sunset in Zihuatanejo 

Mum is there at the Zihuatanejo airport, brown, slim and smiling bigly. As always my heart gives a great lurch at seeing her. It is mid-evening and the air is full of steamy sea salt and fragrant fauna. In the …