The Big Reveal

Why is Canuck so smiley?

Soo, I think it's time we played a little catch up. I've been pretty "blog blocked" lately, banging my head on the keyboard and virtually crumpling non-existent balls of paper and throwing them in the trash when I couldn't get the words to come out right. I had lost my voice. Have lost. Had lost. I guess we'll see if it comes back to me as I write this.

This last year has been so full of issues and dramas and changes, it's been tough to write about the daily goings on or adventures and NOT mention personal stuff. It's all so tied together, my trip out of town alone without Max because it's Daddy's custody weekend. My visit to Valladolid where I had fun but missed someone very much. My phenomenal escape to Tulum with someone amazing. There were a variety of reasons I wasn't sharing the personal, some valid, some I'll have to talk about with my shrink, but I guess I am ready to come out of the dark, find my voice and get on with my adventures.

Since separating from Max's Dad, life has moved forward. Not many changes really, at least nothing major like a household move. (Most of the changes are inside of me, good things, healthy things). Max changed schools and that was an adjustment at first, but he seems to be settling in. Max's Dad has moved in with someone else and her kids, but that really is a story that won't be shared here, his story, not mine (well, not really). Max is growing and maturing and making me laugh, he has developed a sense of "cool" that I didn't think I would see until his teen years. It's pretty  much impossible to buy him clothes or get him dressed in the morning, he insists that he must look "pop" (read: Justin Bieber oh dear god save me).

So now, here we go, deep breath. Ooooh, finally, Canuck is going to spill the beans! Some of you have sent messages saying you are "reading between the lines" and guessing about what is going on in my life or asking "What the heck is up?". Well, here it is.....I'm involved with someone who makes me extremely happy. A romantic somebody. I'm walking on air, cartoon hearts are coming out of my eyes and I'm pretty sure if I hold still tiny songbirds will alight on my shoulders. Gross, right? Uh, yup, I'm THAT girl right now. In love. Enamorada. All kissy faces and dreamy sighs. At the moment it's a long distance love affair, burning up the Skype wires and Whatsapping all day, but we're hoping that is going to change soon. I have visited him, he has visited me and he is coming back again in a couple of weeks to celebrate the new year with me. And it all feels good. Oh so good. I'm singing "The Carpenters" for breakfast and the "Sound of Music" for lunch. And the nights were made for Barry White. Ahem.

Phew. Ok, that's out in the open. Feels good. I feel good. James Brown good. I knew that I would.


KfromMichigan said…
Well good for you! You keep on smiling and I wish you mucho luck!
Cdn Cat said…
Great to hear things are so wonderful in your life right now and in the future (Positive vibes...) I wish you the best Christmas holidays EVER!
Kelly Todd said…
I'm happy for you Kell. Sounds like you've had a few adjustments this year but so glad to hear about your new romance. Love is in the air!
Flash said…
It wasn't hard at all to "read between the lines", but that was your private thing until you wanted to share. Glad to hear that you are happy :)
Working Gringa said…
Bravo! So glad to hear that... actually, I could tell in your photos. You look happy!
Yay Kelly! I am so happy for you! You have so much good stuff to share and you deserve to be happy! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with lots of love and adventure!
Heather said…
Good for you, I am happy that you are happy!
Mic said…
Wonderful news!! So glad you are happy again....and Max really is a Cool Kid :-)
CancunCanuck said…
Thanks so much to all of you! It's been quite a year, nice to be ending it on a happy note. :)

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