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Cancun New Year's Eve

Why is that gringa taking pictures of underwear?

New Year's Eve, always a day filled with high expectations of big celebrations and the promise of a fresh start in a new year. Everyone and every place has their own traditions and the rituals in Mexico offer up some unique fun!

The Foundations. Choosing underwear colour is of prime importance. Since the beginning of December the stores have been filled with displays of red and yellow "chones" (though why the bras are all "B" cup I will never understand). Looking for passionate love? Red is for you. Looking for prosperity and success in money? Yellow panties will help fill your wallet.  
Clean start. Begin the new year preparing your space for new things, clean your house from the inside out, sweeping the old out the front door. Burn incense close to midnight as a cleansing ritual. At the toll of midnight, open the door and symbolically sweep out the old and throw a bucket of water out the window. Throw twelve coins…

Cancun Christmas Posadas

The "pastorela" of good and evil
It's "posada" time once again in Cancun! In towns with a bit more history, this would mean embracing the traditional events of the season, children going door to door with "La Rama" singing for coins, neighbourhoods filled with processions of candle-bearing folks singing the "Pidiendo Posada" song and sharing ponche and hot chocolate, recreating Joseph and Mary's search for shelter. This is my ninth Christmas spent in Mexico and I must be honest....I've never experienced the "traditional" posada! It may exist, probably does, but "posada" seems to have a different meaning in modern Cancun. In my experience, there are three kinds of Cancun posadas.

1. The House Party Posada

Any excuse is a good excuse for a fiesta, and Christmas is as good as any. House parties flourish at this time of year, friends and family gathering together to eat, drink and be merry.  I've only been to one …

A Yucatan Wedding Road Trip

"You must come to a wedding with me in Valladolid".
"Is that an invitation?"
"No, it's a command, you ARE coming with me". 
And so went the conversation a few months back with one of my dearest friends. Her husband is from a small village in the Yucatan and his sister was getting married and apparently it was imperative that I attend. Fun! Road trip with a bestie, explore the village of Chichimilá, a weekend in Valladolid and my first Mexican/Mayan wedding? Of course I was in!  
City Hall Chichimilá
I had been to the colonial town of Valladolid once before for a quick visit, but I had not been to the nearby village of Chichimilá. I was tickled to discover that the name Chichimilá means "ver pezón duro", yes, "look at the hard nipple".  (Really, you can't make this stuff up my friends).

The wise women of Chichimilá
We set off on the free road a few hours later than expected, driving into the setting sun. It's a couple of hours to…

The Big Reveal

Why is Canuck so smiley?
Soo, I think it's time we played a little catch up. I've been pretty "blog blocked" lately, banging my head on the keyboard and virtually crumpling non-existent balls of paper and throwing them in the trash when I couldn't get the words to come out right. I had lost my voice. Have lost. Had lost. I guess we'll see if it comes back to me as I write this.

This last year has been so full of issues and dramas and changes, it's been tough to write about the daily goings on or adventures and NOT mention personal stuff. It's all so tied together, my trip out of town alone without Max because it's Daddy's custody weekend. My visit to Valladolid where I had fun but missed someone very much. My phenomenal escape to Tulum with someone amazing. There were a variety of reasons I wasn't sharing the personal, some valid, some I'll have to talk about with my shrink, but I guess I am ready to come out of the dark, find my voice…