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Best Riviera Maya Video Ever

Every morning I start the day checking the bazillion social network accounts I work with on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ in addition to my emails and Google Alerts. This morning I came across a video on one of my Riviera Maya pages that simply blew my mind. Not only is the video technically beautiful in gorgeous HD, but in a very eerie way it is an encapsulation of my life here in the Mexican Caribbean (and it was made by fellow Canadians). Every step the hosts took were on paths I have gone down before and plan to visit again. I have a friend coming down next week and the itinerary I have set out is pretty much exactly what is in this video, Tulum, Coba, eating in Playa, snorkeling, cenotes, it is spooky, this video seems to have covered my upcoming vacation in an extremely precise way, like they were reading my mind.

I feel as though I never have to write another email response to "What should we do in the Riviera Maya?", I can simply forward this video and say "Study th…

Day of the Dead- Festival of Life and Death at Xcaret

"To the people of New York, Paris, or London, "death" is a word that is never pronounced because it burns the lips. The Mexican, however, frequents it, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it; it is one of his favorite toys and most steadfast love. Of course, in his attitude perhaps there is as much fear as there is in one of the others; at least he does not hide it; he confronts it face to face with patience, disdain, or irony." -Octavio Paz, Mexican poet 1914-1998

"Dia de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead", is a colourful celebration in many Latin American countries welcoming the souls of the dearly departed every year between October 31st and November 2nd. It's a blend of pre-Hispanic and Catholic traditions, incorporating indigenous culture and Christian beliefs in the afterlife. In Mexico it is a time for families to come together, share memories, laughs and good food and drink. Altars are built with offerings for the d…

The Versatile Blogger Award- Aw, Shucks!

Cozumel photographers and bloggers Michael S. Lewis and Jennifer Homsher Lewis of Latin Journeys were kind enough to nominate me for a "Versatile Blogger Award". They are contributing photographers to National Geographic, be sure to visit their blog and check out their gorgeous images! Thanks so much guys, I'll need to take a trip over to my old hometown and buy you a drink or two in exchange.

Now, to keep playing along, I need to do two things, a) write seven things that you may not know about me and b) nominate other blogs for the award. Let's start with the secrets (that are not really secrets since I am about to announce them to you all).

1.  I hate onions. Despise them. Abhor them. One of the first things I learned to say in Spanish was "sin cebolla por favor" ("hold the onions PLEASE"). Except...I like onion rings. Go figure.

2.  I am Canadian but was born on the border with the US (my parents live in Windsor but my Daddy works in Detroit). …