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Mexico Today: "My Mexico" video featuring Cancun Canuck

Alternate blog title: "Look Ma, I'z on the Yoo Toob!"

Way back in June when I began working with the Mexico Today project, they asked me to be a part of a series of videos promoting the destination. I spent the day with an incredible film crew at Garrafon Park Isla Mujeres and met them once again for interviews in Oaxaca. I had SUCH a great time that I pretty much forgot that I was being filmed as I kayaked and zip lined and gazed dreamily out to sea. I've been awaiting the day we could see the finished product and here it is! 

While it's always strange to hear recordings of your own voice or see yourself on video, I am really pleased with the finished product and proud to be a part of the Mexico Today adventure. I believe that Mexico is a destination for EVERYONE, tourists and travellers, families and couples and singles, adventurers and laze-arounders, history buffs and foodies. While my focus is usually on Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the diversity of the countr…

And So First Grade Begins....

Primero. First grade. Or as we say in Canada "Grade One". Where the big boys play, no more kindergarten babies. I get a lot of questions from people about schooling in Mexico but I must admit, it's impossible for me to make a comparison to NOB schools as I didn't have any experience with kids "up there" and my own school days were spent doing arithmetic on cave walls and commuting on dinosaurs.  I'm also pretty private about which school Max attends, safety issues et al, but I will try to give a peek into a typical day in primero in Cancun.

Our days start EARLY. Like, waaaaay too early. First class begins at 7 am. On Mondays they wear a uniform and the first thing they'll do is honour the flag and sing the national and state anthems. The rest of the week he actually gets to wear "normal" clothes and there is no anthem or ceremony. The wearing of "normal" clothes has become a bit of an issue in the house as Max has decided that HE …

And She Was.....

I must confess, I am "ochentera" to the bone, a real 80's kind of gal. My "go to" music when I am happy, sad or angry is always something from the decade of leg warmers and parachute pants. One of the finest bands OF ALL TIME (well, in my humble opinion) is "The Talking Heads". One song in particular comes to mind as I make my way through this crazy thing called life, a song that makes me feel at peace with the world and connected to the planet. "And She Was" was written by David Byrne about a chick he knew in high school who would go drop acid by the Yoo Hoo factory, but I always feel it is less about a drug trip and more about accepting and embracing and enjoying where we are in life and the simple moments of just "being".

I have been somewhat stifled the last few months, not making enough effort to embrace being single and the new life I have. One of the things that I must do is make this house MINE. It is time to take down the o…

Mexican Independence Day in Cancun- Viva Mexico!

Mexican Independence Day, a time to wave the old red, white and green, paint your face with the colours of the patria, eat chiles en nogada and shout out loud the pride one has in Mexico at the annual "El Grito" ceremony. People in every pueblo and city will gather in the "zocalos" (town squares) to hear the speeches given by the politicians and join their countrymen in shouting "Viva Mexico!" Others will gather with friends in a restaurant or bar or join their families in private celebrations. Much tequila will be drunk, politics will be discussed, the TV will be tuned to the president's speech and children will be told tales of Mexican history.

President Calderon delivering "El Grito" in Mexico City 2010
Cancun may not be a town of history, we don't have a "zocalo" or ancient cathedral, but that doesn't mean we don't celebrate the occasion. "El Grito" will be given at City Hall by the mayor, the decorations h…

Caution: Cancun Crab Crossing

As I have been preparing this post in my head, my inner voice has taken on a Marlin Perkins tone, a little "Wild Kingdom" theme running through my head (brought to you by Mutual of Omaha, the company that pays). One of the joys of living in Cancun is being surrounded by nature and wildlife. On the downside, with the continued growth and development, the city is encroaching on the habitat of all the amazing creatures that have lived here for thousands of years.. 

And thus the need for events like the "Crab Crossing" that happens every full moon in September and October. During this time, the female blue crabs migrate from the lagoon to the sea, full of eggs and ready to create the next generation of these pretty little snappers. Before Cancun was a destination for millions of tourists, this was an easy jaunt across a sand bar. Now it's a dangerous game crossing a four lane road with speeding cars and the necessity to find their way around concrete hotels.

For year…

Tulum and the Art of Zen

The last few months have been....well....a bit of a ball of confusion. I went from having super lows to super highs and recently started having "highlows", feeling happy/sad/elated/crushed/overworked/bored/frustrated/peaceful/depressed/ecstatic all at the same time.  This past Friday night I had an experience that left me feeling completely discombobulated and I realized I needed to reset and recharge. I woke up Saturday morning and booked myself a cabaña in Tulum and boarded the bus for the two hour trip south.

The hotel zone of Tulum is pretty much the opposite of Cancun. Where Cancun is high rise cement resorts, Tulum is small cabañas and palapas, off the "grid", running purely on solar/wind/generator power. Not many TVs or telephones in this retreat in paradise. The hotels are reached by a narrow road that leads from the town of Tulum through the Sian Kaan biosphere, surrounded by lush jungle, cenotes and the sea.

I made my way to Cabañas Tulum where I was greete…

2011 World Travel Awards- Multiple Nominations for Mexico!

It's no news to me that Mexico is one of the best vacation destinations in the world, but the "World Travel Awards" are making it official. Mexico has been given the big thumbs up by travelers, receiving numerous nominations for these prestigious awards in 2011. My personal favourite and the one that has definitely got me excited is Cancun's nomination for "World's Leading Destination". Sharing the nomination with world class destinations such as Miami, London, New York City and Egypt is quite an honour indeed and I am thrilled for my city to be in such company.  The nominations are in and now we await the results, YOU can vote too, share your passion for travel in Mexico!

Here's a look at some of the other nominations for businesses in Mexico in the "World" categories (there are sub-categories by region as well and of course Mexico ranks highly)....

World's Leading Tourist Board- Cancun Convention and Visitor's Bureau

World's Le…