Cancun Beach Therapy

Twitchy. Itchy. Restless. Legs bouncing all around even while laid up in a neck brace. Being indoors, forced indoors, ugh. It has been raining in Cancun (following along? slip and fall on wet floor?) so indoors we have been. I woke up Sunday morning and saw grey skies and threw the pillow over my head and went back to sleep. The next time I came out of my cave I saw glorious sunshine and jumped out of bed. Midday, a bit late, but better late than never.

I did coffee like a tequila shot and ran out the door. First day with no pain and no rain in at least two weeks. I've got my pareo, a torta, a bottle of Coca Cola. The radio is always set to 93.1 Mix FM, 80's of course, and I was cruising through the hotel zone with the window open screaming along to Whitesnake. "Like a drifter I was born to walk alone" to be precise, one handed air guitaring and head banging at the stop lights. Well, very gentle head banging. The palms look green after all the rain and the sky is Cancun blue, I smell the sea before I see the sea.

I pulled up next to the giganto Beetlejuice statue outside of Coco Bongo and went down the ramp to the underground parking. I counted 15 people getting out of one SUV while they blocked my way to a spot. They carried coolers/floaties/chairs/tables/umbrellas/radios/ice/beer/Blackberries/strollers/baby chairs. I parked and went directly to the balcony of the Forum, one of my favourite views in the HZ. I let it hit me in the chest like it always does, took a deep breath in and listened to the tourists around me. "Increible" "No puede ser tan hermosisimo", "Awesome dude", "Unreal", "Bellisima". "Whoa".

I made my way back down past the tourist shops and the glittery chaos that is the "party center" of Cancun and walked down the path to the public access beach called Playa Gaviotas Azul. Or just "Gaviotas". Or, "The beach behind the Forum". However you choose. Dropped my gear, dropped my dress and put on a little bit of sun protection.

I was still feeling restless, couldn't relax so picked up the camera and went for a walk around. Watched families playing, lifeguards endlessly blowing whistles and directing people around the ocean. Sand castles, tables full of empties and coolers full of cold ones, the woman carrying a tray on her head chanting "mango, mango, mango, jiiiiiiiiiiiicama, coooooocoooooo". The donut guy. The cotton candy kid. The weekend dads. The drunk group of friends goofing around throwing sand. Tourists gaping and standing out with their translucent white skin or first day lobster sunburn. The teenage girls giggling at the teenage boys. Body surfers, boogie boarders, floaters and bobbers in the sea.

I made my way back to my pareo and lay my body down.Nudged a little hole in the sand for my head to rest comfortably. Wiggled around until the shape of the sand formed to me. Closed my eyes and felt the sun on my face. Sweat trickled down my neck and occasionally flies would tickle my legs. Letting myself go, letting the crazy whirl of thoughts settle, I focused on the sound of the ocean and the feel of the breeze and relaxed. Divine. Happy place. Life. Is. Pretty. Darned. Good. And restless and twitchy no more.

(More photos are up on my new Facebook page, have a look and "like" "A Canuck in Cancun"!)


Maxine said…
Wow! Looks incredible...I need to be there.
Babs said…
Gorgeous - love your style of writing. You DO make me feel like I'm there!
Billie said…
We use to go to Cancun several times a year back in the 80's. Then the Hotel Zone ended about the Sheraton/Fiesta Americana. The drive from the airport was so breath taking for miles. I'd just take great gulps of the salty air and feel like I was truly in Paradise.
KfromMichigan said…
If only I were there to enjoy! I'm feeling so jealous, but am glad you are feeling so much better.
Barb said…
Wish I hadn't read this post. It's made the longing to back in México even worse. Happy to read that you're doing ok after that nasty fall.
BlueSky said…
After reading this post, my boyfriend and I stayed up way to late last night talking about our memories of Cancun and our future trip this fall. We can't wait! You painted such a beautiful picture, you write so well! I'm glad your feeling better and have recovered from your terrible fall! Thanks again for all you do! :)
Anonymous said…
Oh, what a way to relax and recover. :D I can't believe I'm heading there to study in November. The more photos I see of it and the more I hear of it the more excited I get. :D


CancunCanuck said…
I guess you all need to come down for a visit and some therapy! :D Thanks for the lovely comments, wish you were here!
Lici said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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