Totally Random Cancun Mexico Pics

Photos, photos, photos, I am up to my ears in photos of Cancun, Riviera Maya, cats and Max! I just synced my phone to the compu and realized I haven't done a simple picture post in a while, so here you go, ten random iPhone photos from our recent travels.

Kid wants a tattoo, kid gets a tattoo. Grandma said so.

The playa in Playa

Max's First Drinking Contest. He lost. We'll practice.

Oh hello friendly lifeguards. (Max wanted me to kiss them. I didn't follow his orders)

That is one brave iguana. Look at all those scaredy iguanas in the back.

Decapitation (snicker)

Free Bananas Flambe? Well alrighty then!

Ahh ahh ahhh Akumal

How does a boat catch fire in the rain?

Two of my BEST girls and I in Playa (LOVE you ladies)

And there you have it folks, a look at some of the fun we've been having down here in paradise. Well ok, the decapitated doll and the burned-out boat weren't necessarily "fun", but they tickled me enough to take photos of them. Expect many, many more photos soon, I've got Oaxaca this weekend and some exciting adventures planned over the next month, stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
aaaand decapitations have come to Cancun! Somebody alert CNN, fast!

Beautiful photos, especially the lifeguards hahaha
KfromMichigan said…
Great photos (as always). I'm missing Cancun! Can't wait to hear about this exciting weekend in Oaxaca.
Barb said…
Great pics! That doll looks like it came from the movie "Chucky".

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