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Adventures Away from the Computer

Sweat dripping down my face, the wind shaking me from side to side as I dangle 60 feet above the ground on a rappel line, I think to myself "Why the hell was I so unhappy yesterday?" The ups and downs (literal and figurative) of the last little while have made for a bit of a wild ride. From days on end of sitting in front of the computer and dealing with the physical aspects of my world crumbling around me (everything that could break in the house or car has broken) to zip lining and rappeling and snorkeling and enjoying some incredible life experiences and some successes.

Spending too much time in front of the computer sometimes feels like a trap. I start to get down, blue, antsy and itchy. Gotta get outta the house. Gotta get Max outta the house. I took him to Cenote Kin Ha last week, a long trip through the jungle via a one lane "rustic" road that is more suitable to ATV's (I had to squeeze over to the side to let them pass). No cel service, no 3G chec…


I've never had a whole lot of luck having girlfriends. Friends with girls. My best friend was always best friends with somebody else. I always felt on the outside looking in to tight female relationships. It's only in the last couple of years that I have developed what I think are strong, positive friendships with women where I don't feel on the outside, where I feel love for them and loved in return. In some part I owe these relationships to blogging, the women that I feel close to are writers and creative and free spirits living a different sort of life.

In separating from Hubby I have had to suck up my feelings of dread of leaning on anyone and have reached out to some spectacular women. I am completely overwhelmed by the support and love I have received, and really just need to shout it out. All these great chicks are going through their own stuff, struggling through and yet they take the time to lift me up, make me vomit laughing and take me out to sing and dance …