Will Write for Food

I've lived a pretty charmed life, have had my photo and name in the newspaper multiple times, have been in movies and on TV both as an actor and as myself and have had my writing and photos published in various sites on the internet. I'm certainly not famous by any means, but at least mom can be proud that my name in the news has never been associated with the words "fugitive/naked/arrested/forcibly committed to a mental hospital after destroying the Republican headquarters by filling it with shaving foam". (yet)

Today I am excited as I have had my first magazine contribution published in "Up!", the inflight magazine for Westjet! Alright, so it's only an inflight magazine and it's just a few short words and one photo and it's only for the month of March, but I think it's pretty darned cool. The publishers tell me that 1.1 million travellers will be reading the mag (and seeing the link to this blog, whoohoo). I think I should go fix my hair.....

If you can't read the teeny tiny pic, give it a click to have it open in a larger format. You can also see the digital PDF by clicking Up! Magazine and visiting pages 20 and 21.

By the way, I am holding up a sign that says "Will travel and write for food and money". Any takers?


Steve Cotton said…
Great job! Frankly, I wiould settle for a nasty headline -- if I got a good byline.
KfromMichigan said…
Congratulations to you!
Kelly said…
Congrats! I love in-flight magazines, I think they are really underrated. I always find at least one new thing I want to check out. But, I am also one of those people who loves flying and airports and Sky Mall and all of that.

Here's hoping for new many (blog) hits for you!
Anonymous said…
Awesomeness! I could read it! Im jealous...lol
Maxine said…
Congrats! I just read the article and appreciate the tips. We will definitely try your suggestions next time we are in Cancun.
Brenda said…
Way to go !! Congratulations !!
Barb said…
Congratulations! We flew home on West Jet last night and I never thought to check out Up! Darn.
ElleCancun said…
Yay, awesome!! I love WestJet!!!!
taubensee said…
It's so funny that I just found your blog while doing some research for an impending vacation to the Riviera Maya, because just earlier today my husband came home from a Westjet flight and brought home the inflight magazine because he thought I'd like to read your article!! Thanks for the great info!
Greetings from a frozen Calgarian!
CancunCanuck said…
Steve- No such thing as bad press (or so they say). :)

KfromMich- Thanks!

Kelly- You are a flight junkie, haha! I love inflight mags too, though I don't fly often enough. :(

Erica- Hola!!! Nice to see you here, thanks for the comment!

Maxine- Thanks! Definitely try Fish Fritanga, yum!

Brenda- Thanks!

Barb- You'll just have to get on the plane again, teehee!

Elle- Thanks chica! I so seldom fly, I don't even know if Westjet existed the last time I flew, zoiks!

taubensee- Thanks so much, great to hear that someone actually read the piece, haha! Hope you have a wonderful trip to the Riviera Maya!
jeanie said…
Congrats Sweetie! Good on you!
Anonymous said…
Canuck...I have been reading your blog for several years now and am happy for you. You write a very enjoyable blog to read and I am not surprised to read that someone had the good sense to recognize your talent.

BlueSky said…
Congrats to you Canuck! This will be the beginning of something great I'm sure!!! :)

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