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Swan Lake My Ass

Not your typical ballet venue. Not a good ballet venue.
I am seething. Livid. Really really angry. I don't usually vent and I don't usually let things fester, I am "Little Mary Sunshine" after all, finding the positive in just about any situation but I am ticked to the max! Last night was supposed to be a beautiful cultural event, the National Ballet of Cuba came to Cancun to perform "Swan Lake". You may or may not know that I grew up dancing, 24 years of training including going to university for Fine Arts Dance. It was my life, my love and my passion. When I learned that the ballet was coming to town I could not wait to share it with Max!

Max and I talked about the story of Swan Lake, discussed proper behaviour in a theater and I gave him an idea of the beauty that he was going to witness. I told him about how ballet dancers train and some of the moves he would see. All was well, we left early in order to get there early and peruse the program and…

Will Write for Food

I've lived a pretty charmed life, have had my photo and name in the newspaper multiple times, have been in movies and on TV both as an actor and as myself and have had my writing and photos published in various sites on the internet. I'm certainly not famous by any means, but at least mom can be proud that my name in the news has never been associated with the words "fugitive/naked/arrested/forcibly committed to a mental hospital after destroying the Republican headquarters by filling it with shaving foam". (yet)

Today I am excited as I have had my first magazine contribution published in "Up!", the inflight magazine for Westjet! Alright, so it's only an inflight magazine and it's just a few short words and one photo and it's only for the month of March, but I think it's pretty darned cool. The publishers tell me that 1.1 million travellers will be reading the mag (and seeing the link to this blog, whoohoo). I think I should go fix my ha…