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Lessons in Kite Flying

I grew up with a father who loved kites. I mean LOOOVED kites. He'd build them, buy them and fly them, I learned a lot about aerodynamics and science from my afternoons in the field with dad. Last week I saw a post on my favourite Cancun forum about an upcoming kite event on Isla Blanca and I got all giddy inside. The weekend rolled around with some phenomenal weather (and I do mean phenomenal, perfect, ideal, outstanding, g-g-g-gorgeous weather) and we headed out for the untouched zone of Isla Blanca.

Isla Blanca used to be a regular stop for us. We'd visit frequently, enjoying the lack of resorts and tourists (no offense), the pretty beaches and rustic piers and relative quiet. Then we had a couple of not so fun experiences and found ourselves on southern beaches instead. I was ready to forgive (can you forgive a beach?) and forget and enjoy the day of "papalotes" (kites).

Down the long and winding road (thanks Beatles), we weaved our way through bougainvillea-lined…

Chichen Itza Revisited

Last week when the boss asked me to visit Chichen Itza yet again, I must admit my first reaction was a big heavy sigh. Don't get me wrong, I love adventures and new things, but Chichen is not a "new" thing to me, been there, done that, got the t-shirt (literally). It's a long trip and with my "blues", it just seemed a daunting task. I promptly gave myself a giant kick in the ass for being such an ungrateful lump and forced a "hurrah!", reminding myself that when one is down, one must do something, anything to bring one's self up again.
Saturday dawned and I was up and out the door before the roosters crowed. (Ok, no roosters in my hood, but you get the point, too damned early). I met up with the gang from the office for the "fam trip" (for those not in the tourism industry, a "fam trip" means "familiarization", tour providers showing off their wares to those of us who will be selling them). We hopped on the…

Is it Primary School or Harvard?

Is there a doctor in the house? Max with his buddy Basilio
I've got little butterflies in my tummy today. Nervous mommy butterflies. Max's current school is only a kinder, after this year he needs to change schools to enter primary, movin' on up to the big time. We dropped him off this morning at the primary school that we love to have his entrance exam and evaluation. Yes, an entrance exam for primary school. Last night I grilled the poor kid on questions I thought they may ask him, gave him "extra" homework to practice his writing and tricked him into some math practice with some online games. I don't know why I am so worked up, it's not like he's taking the SATs to get into Harvard Law.
I think I am really stressed about the "pre-first" or "first grade" deal. Most schools here put kids right into first grade after kinder three, when they are six years old (Max turns six in April). This particular school wants all six yea…