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Cancun Staycation

Over the loooong Christmas holidays we suffered with finding child care for Max, always a problem for us when he is off school. We don't have any family here, we don't have a nanny and I hate to take advantage of friends by ditching our hyper kid on their laps for a day. We juggled around for a bit then I realized I could actually take a couple of days of vacation to be with him. Now, a day with Max is NOT one of those relaxing-type vacation days, he is the king of energy and it's vital to keep him busy. If he is not active, we all suffer, the whines, the jumping on the bed, the bouncing off the walls (literally) and the constant refrain of "I wanna doooooo something, I'm booooored!" I had a couple of days with him and decided to make the best of it, be active, get outside and do something. Suffering from depression this is not always easy to do, though of course we all know that it's the best medicine. I kicked myself in the butt, got in the car a…