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Dot Your T's and Cross Your Eyes

Bureaucracy. A vile truth in every country, though I am starting to believe that Mexico should hold the title for "Biggest Pile of Bureaucratic BS in the Whole Wide World". Getting anything accomplished here is a bit of a nightmare. I've written in the past about the flaming hoops we must jump through for our immigration papers, but that really is just the beginning of the nonsense. I'm starting to believe that people add extra hoops and extra gas to the flames just to see you dance.

Por ejemplo....With the idea in mind that I would take Max to visit Canada this winter, we got to work putting everything together for his Mexican passport. Check, double check, print off the list from SRE, extra photocopies of everything they asked for, pre-pay at the bank. We made our appointment for this morning, showed up early and expected to turn over the papers they requested on their website and be on our way. What were we thinking? Of COURSE it can't be that easy. Th…

Macho, Macho Man

ma·cho / ˈmächō/ • adj. showing aggressive pride in one's masculinity: the big macho tough guy.• n. (pl. -chos) a man who is aggressively proud of his masculinity. ∎ machismo.

Machismo, one my biggest turn-offs. When I hear the word I think of hairy chests and men grabbing their crotch while ordering their women to get them another damned beer. Mexico (and other Latin countries) has a reputation for being a society dominated by macho men, and while I hate to stereotype, I would have to say that it is somewhat true. Women are evolving here, but the culture of man being dominant certainly still exists. Chauvinism is alive and well, evident in cultural events such as lucha libre (wrestling), cock fights, bull fights, domestic abuse and the cantinas packed with men seeing who can drink the most tequila or eat the hottest salsa while ogling the waitresses. I must be clear, this is certainly not ALL men in Mexico, and it's not just a Mexican problem, but…