Hurricane Paula a Bust in Cancun, But I Got a Bonus!

I feel like I need a cold shower, I got all worked up just to be let down by the latest hurricane tease Miss Laura. She came out of nowhere, threatened to hit us directly as a category two then poof, gone, headed over to Cuba with her nasty business. Yes yes, I should be relieved and I am, it's just all the excitement of a potential hurricane gets me all giddy inside! I love chasing the storm, reading all the meteorology geek sites, following the funky spaghetti models and contemplating the possibilities. After surviving Hurricane Wilma, all other hurricanes are going to seem like a light breeze and a drizzle, no biggie. Yes, we'll get wet and yes, perhaps some damage will be done but in the end I know that it will all be ok. The thrill of the storm is really in the chase, but if at the end of the pursuit you find out you've been chasing nothing, it feels like that necking session in the car that got interrupted by dad.

Anywho, I went out to the hotel zone of Cancun this morning to see if there were some good waves or any beach erosion as a result of Paula's brush-by. A few waves, nothing major and surprisingly I didn't note any loss of sand, yay! After the millions spent (twice) to rebuild the beach, I'd hate to see it all washed away by one little almost storm.

I stopped at three different beaches and on the third visit my friend Leon and Max stayed in the car. They were good sports, I mean I had dragged them out on a rainy morning and asked them to trek through wet sand, I suppose it was ok if they didn't hit the third beach. I was just going to grab a couple of shots and get back to the boys, when a man approached me on the beach. I was a bit nervous at first, there was really no one else out there and he had a big ole black eye and stitches in his head (I automatically assumed drunken brawl,though I suppose it could have been from a fall trying to rescue a kitten from a tree, my bad). He asked if I wanted to see some baby turtles and of course I said "Si!!". We started walking down the beach and I was relieved to see we were headed towards an obvious turtle nest enclosure. There were a couple of guys helping the wittle teeny tiny babies out of their hole in the sand, hundreds of them! They invited me in to help but I knew I had to run back for the boys for this special treat. I got Max and Leon, we all ran back and proceeded to oooooh and aaaaaah over this amazing spectacle. We've seen babies before at organized events, but have never seen them actually hatching out of their shells!

So, the hurricane was a bust, but I got a total bonus and am thrilled. This year I saw a mama turtle laying her eggs in Tulum, snorkeled with a juvenile turtle and now have witnessed the birth of hundreds. Full turtle circle, it's been a fine year.


Calypso said…
The best false alarm is an incorrect weather warning.
Kelly said…
Those baby turtles are precious! My heart beat a little faster seeing that amazingly blue water ( did). One of my best friends majored in meterology at the University of Oklahoma - storm country! - and he gets SO let down when a storm fails to materialize. At least it's a semi-good let down!

Great pictures, as usual!
KfromMichigan said…
Baby turtles are so darn cute! I love storms too. I was probably the only person (other than you) sort of excited during Hurricane Wilma! She was a monster (almost 5years ago) The beach pics are great .. glad Paula didn't stop for a visit!
Anonymous said…
Awesome video Kelly! I got to see a baby turtle release on Isla a week ago Saturday. My SIL got to hold and release one. He said that he wanted to do that his whole life. I took my niece and her friend to the turtle farm on Isla and the friend kept asking me “can I hold these?”
CancunCanuck said…
Calypso, the best waste of money is a generator never used. :)

Kelly, yes it's odd to feel let down by the storm not coming, but it really is such a build up of excitement!

K, I was speaking with someone about tourists being here during a hurricane. At the time you think "Poor tourists!" and ruined vacations, but anyone who was here for a big one has a tale to tell for years. I think it's kind of a badge of honour to say you were here for Wilma. :)

Jackie, the turtles really do touch the heart and being able to hold one as they flipper like crazy is pretty darned cool. These guys had literally just come out of their shell, I am sorry that my ugly mug was the first thing they had to see, LOL!
jeanie said…
What a wonderful video! Max must have been thrilled. I love your generator comment. We bought one when we moved to the beach 2yrs ago and have never had to use it. It gives me great peace of mind though.
Diane said…
This is an aside but how about writing a blog in support of the 20 year old woman who just assumed the responsibility of the head of police in one of the border states....cause no one else would. She needs the support of all of Mexico and the US.


maybe we can start a movement regarding this. Perhaps it will take a woman to bring peace and security back to Mexico!
BlueSky said…
Thank you so much for sharing! Those turtles are sooooo dang cute! How special that must have been! I get excited too with storms and such....I'm glad this one didn't cause any damage. Thanks again for the turtle pics, I'm glad they are thriving! :)
Leah said…
The video and pics of the baby turtles are priceless. What an amazing thing to witness!

Those pics of the turquoise water remind me why gringos will never occupy Veracruz. I must get down there sometime. Very beautiful.
Refried Dreamer said…
Amazing!!! i've seen the momma turtle come up and lay her eggs... but never the hatchlings!!!! Beautiful!
Heather said…
You know Im always jealous when it comes to those turtles!
Lisa said…
Hi, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am looking at studying abroad in Mérida maybe next year but, like many others, am concerned about safety in México. I have read the Yucatan is pretty far removed from all of the violence and turmoil. What would you say? Is it safe for travelers?

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