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Where the Boys Aren't: Girls' Beach Getaway

Mission: ESCAPE to the beach in Tulum
Work, kid, house, work, kid, house, work, kid, house. Everybody knows that story and everybody needs a getaway sometimes. I had the chance to get outta Dodge last weekend with my dear friend Lisa to visit Heather down in Tulum at the Casa de las Olas and I jumped at the opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I love my kid and my life, but sometimes a girl just needs some girl time and the chances don't come along very often.

My first boogie board attempt. Wave got me goooood.

Lisa and I hit the road on Friday night in her multi-coloured convertible bocho (Volkswagen bug) and toodled down the highway screaming over the wind and the ole car's engine. I started to lose my voice as we approached Tulum, cold chelas were definitely in order! We stopped at the supermarket, stocked up on some noms and beverages and got in line to check out. The people in front of us seemed to take forever, no biggie, we're on vacation. Until it became a BI…

Odds and Ends

Summertime and the living is easy. Easy-ish. I like the longer days and the heat (yeah, call me crazy) and seeing friends in Canada and the US wearing shorts and having BBQs in their Facebook albums. School for Max finished on Friday, now it's strictly play time for him. I was tempted to teach him the "No more teachers, no more books" rhyme, but after the "Punch buggy" debacle (broken record chatter from the back seat!), I'll just keep it to myself. While we've been having some behaviour issues with Max, he ACED his final exams, receiving "excelente" in Spanish, Math, French and English (well, "excelente plus" in English). His grade in culture was only "bien" as he decided that Christopher Robin discovered America along with Pooh and Tigger. Smart kid, too smart, he knows what he can get away with and he pushes all our buttons. He's lucky he's cute. He started in gymnastics about a month ago and is rocking …