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Punta Venado Beach Club

AT LAST! The Cancun weather we know and love is back and we spent the weekend beaching it up. Saturday we took advantage of the new beaches in the hotel zone, but Sunday we did our famous "let's drive and see what we can see" road trip. We hit the highway and just kept our eyes open for a public access beach that we hadn't visited before. When we were just south of Playa del Carmen we spotted the sign for "Punta Venado", advertising ATV tours and horseback riding, with teeny tiny letters indicating there was a beach club. We headed down the dirt road to investigate what was happening in "Deer Point".
We drove about 2 kms until we saw some horsies and a little hut. We asked about the horses but at $60 USD a pop, we chose not to do the tour. The guide told us that the beach club was another kilometer down the road and it was free to enter as long as we were eating and drinking. Bargain, we like free! The road was surrounded by jungle, just …

The Winter of our Discontent

The weather this year has sucked. Really sucked. For months it's been cold or rainy or cold and rainy. We've had more "nortes" (cold fronts) than any year since I've been here and some say more than the last 20 years. I know, it's colder up north, I get that, but up north houses were built to stay warm, have central heating and everyone has nice warm clothes. Here the houses were built to stay cool and we live in tank tops and flip flops. One of my big reasons for choosing to live here was the year round heat and sunshine and this winter hasn't given me much of that at all! When I complain to my northern friends, I don't expect sympathy, truly, they are covered in piles of snow and suffering a million degrees below zero, but they can escape when they go inside. Here, when it's 9 C (50 F) outside, it's the same inside. Shivering, shaking fingers that just can't find the correct letter on the keyboard, icy cold showers and conditio…

The Almost NOlympics

Ah, winter of 1976. The year Dorothy Hamill inspired the five year old me to wear my hair in that funky bob for the next 10 years. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the days off school to watch skiing and skating and curling. I fell in love with the Olympics that year, Dorothy was my first idol, then the summer Olympics in Montreal ensured a lifetime obsession by giving me (and the world) a little Nadia Comaneci. Since then, I have adored the Olympics, always a pleasure to watch countries come together in peace and share in the love of sport. Families gather around the warmth of the television to cheer on their countrymen and bond over the losses, the wins and the human interest stories.

I was bursting with excitement for this year's Vancouver Olympics, who could blame me? "Canada" and "Olympics" in one easy shot, a way to share my love of both with my son. I wept during the opening ceremonies, I love that Canada had a message about the environme…