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CANDi- Cats and Dogs International Coming to Cancun

CANDi (cats and dogs international) is an international organization devoted to saving the world's strays, one animal at a time. This fantastic organization is coming to Cancun April 19-23 for a free spay and neuter clinic at the municipal pound where they expect to sterilize 450 cats and dogs. They will also be working with the local authorities, training in humane methods of euthanasia to replace the current (horrible) practice of electrocution. In addition, CANDi will be improving the conditions of the pound, painting, adding new kennels, refrigerators for medicine etc.. They[ll be working with local organizations Rescate Malix, Isla Animals and Cancun Animal Rescue as well as international groups Humane Society International and the World Society for Protection of Animals.

They need your help! CANDi needs to raise $15 000 for the clinic and improvements to the municipal pound. Donations from Canadian and American citizens are tax deductible, please click here to find out h…

Protect the Green Belly Button

For a long time we've been reading about the Mayor's proposal to build a new city hall in one of the last remaining green areas in Cancun, known as "el ombligo verde" ("the green belly button"). We've been witness to the protests against this action and have seen signs around the neighbourhood asking the Mayor to please stop the destruction of the environment. This green area is about two blocks from where we live, beside the "new"cathedral that has never actually been completed. A few weeks back some astonishing aerial photos appeared revealing that the area had already been stripped, bare earth where once there was jungle, done from the inside out so that it was not obvious that the work was being done. "Officially" there was an order for the work to be halted, but that order has obviously been ignored, we can hear the machinery ripping the place to shreds. I can't believe what they were able to accomplish under the noses …

Ex-pat Schmex-pat

Last week I received yet another email from yet another "ex-pat" website asking for my input in helping others relocate. I usually try to help, but I am starting to become annoyed by the term "ex-pat". I don't feel like an ex-pat anymore. I associate the word with someone who has recently relocated outside their country of origin or someone who has changed their location temporarily or someone who only associates with other "ex-pats" instead of becoming part of their new community. I don't really fit in those categories. Living in a country outside of my birth country is no longer new, it's no longer about adjusting or making comparisons between there and here, it's just the life that I am living, I am simply a resident of Mexico who happens to have been born somewhere else. In a relatively short time (year and a half? two years?), I will be a citizen of Mexico, will I still be called an "ex-pat" then? Holder of dual citi…