It Came from the North

Normally we consider Cancun to be a tropical paradise, land of sunburns and heat stroke, but the winter months can bring us the dreaded "norte", cold fronts from the north that leave us shivering. Being a Canadian girl, you might think that the cool temperatures would be tolerable, it's not like we have snow and minus zero, but after a few years here the blood thins and the body just cannot accept that it is less than 75 F/23 C. This week has felt FRIGID, temps have gone as low as 57 F/14 C. I know, I know, we are hardly suffering like those of you where it's minus a million with piles of snow, but there are some things to keep in mind. Houses here are built to stay cool, there is no central heating, windows don't shut all the way and very few people have a wardrobe for what are really Canadian fall temps. Most of us are lucky enough to actually live in cement houses where we can snuggle up with a couple of pairs of socks and our loved ones under two blankets, but there are many in the country who do not have that luxury. Many folks in the small pueblas live in palapa style huts, nothing to keep out the cold temps. These people are often the poorest of the poor, they do not have the funds to go out and buy warm clothes or take precautions against the cold. This climate is dangerous for many, this week four people died in the northern states of Mexico because of the cold. (It's even colder up there than here, some states have been hit with temperatures below zero). So while I bitch and moan and shiver, I have to remember that we are certainly more fortunate than a whole lot of people.

The biggest problem in our house is trying to keep Max warm. This is a kid who loves to be naked, will not sleep under a blanket and really hates wearing a jacket. We have to wait until he falls asleep and then smother him in sweat pants and long sleeve shirts, then all night long we pull up the blankets after he kicks them off. Max is such a weirdo, I don't know if he is just "being contrary", but we're freezing our butts off the other night and he slyly walked over and turned on the air conditioning! I can't imagine that he was actually feeling hot, but who knows, maybe his constitution is totally different than ours and he just doesn't feel it. Maybe he needs a little visit to Canada for a polar bear plunge, could be just his thing. I'll be happy when this norte passes and we can actually get some sleep around here.

Speaking of things that come from the north, my good friend Matt and his fiancee are in Cancun! I posted a while back about an online video contest and you fine folks helped out with the voting. Hurrah, thank you, he won the contest and I get visitors from Canada! We're meeting up with them for dinner tonight and I can't wait to see them. We should be spending more time with them this weekend, in between their jaunts to Chichen Itza and Xelha. I'm hoping that they're not disappointed in the weather we're having, though I suspect after coming from the bitter cold of Toronto that this feels like heaven.

Here's hoping you are warm and cozy wherever you are, I hope to heck this cold front passes and I can get back to sweating like a pig real soon.


Kathy said…
Yay! She's BACK! :)

I have 2 little furnaces. Sissy and Pike. Both run VERY hot and are always hot no matter what. when they were very young they ALWAYS kicked off covers. As a teen and young lady, they always run hotter than the rest of the family. I run a LOT colder than the rest and the others (Jesse and Ellen and Jamie) are pretty much normal. Last NIGHT, everyone had jeans on (and I had a jacket) except Sissy (shorts). Pike had Judo and had to wear long pants. :)

Some kids naturally run hotter.
KfromMichigan said…
Just finished using the snowblower .. we had 5 inches of snow last night. It's freezing today and through the weekend. Damn I hate this weather! Dreaming of the beach!
Gaelyn said…
Well that's too cold to go swimming. I'll bet Max IS warm enough. Try to stay warm and hope this norte goes away quickly for those folks with no heat.
Ia m going to be traveling to Cancun in late March early April... Just wanted to ask if you have a specific restaurant you could recommend? I would be interested in a place were the residents of Cancun would go and eat.. not just a trendy tourist spot.
Thanks in advance.
HereBeDragons said…
This weather is crazy! Back in Nebraska, my family is telling me that temps are hovering around -20 F. Happily, here in Southern Cal, it's almost like a second summer! I went for a walk on the beach today.

Stay warm!
klhutch90 said…
Great Blog! We have 20in here in Madison, WI. My family and I have been vacationing down there for the past 7 years every Feb. We stay at the Ritz. Have they finished the beach there yet? Or will it be by the end of the month? Also...I keep seeing and hearing many bemoan the "Shelf" at the shorline. Is this going to be the standard at every resort or will it even out over time? or be done mechanically?


Nancy said…
Oh that's so cool that your friends won the contest! They were really good too. Congrats to Matt and his girl!
Steve Cotton said…
After three weeks in Ordegon, I am cooled off enough to return to the 70s in Melaque.
Denise said…
I live in PA, across the lake from Canada. I know cold! Anyway I just watched a story on the morning news today. It was about Russians swimming in the frigid cold and snow. THey were either walking around in bathing suits and some were piling snow on themselves or of course swimming. I can't even begin to imagine. It is supposed to warm up to above freezing here so hopefully you guys will be warming up soon too.
Heather said…
I cant do winter any more either and when i do find myself in winter, im wearing the same thing i wear in san diego, lol!
Matt Swift said…
That 57f/14C didn't include windchill, did it?
BELIEVE ME, there was a huge drop with that blustering arctic breeze.
minshap said…
yep, it's true... winter is covering all bases in Mexico, but every year I watch the climate bring us new surprises... as long as Max stays well, you are doing okay with your sly bundling methods...
THAT IS SOOO FINE ABOUT your friends winning that video contest!!! I had a feeling they would - their video was really good - plus they had you rooting for them and you had us!!! Hope you all have a great visit together and weren't they sposed to bring you trisquets (sp?) or something??? teehee!
Sara said…
I actually laughed out loud when you said 57 was frigid. I'm back in Minnesota until March when I will be heading back into the beginning of Chilean winter. Fun! Much colder than 57 here and there!

Good luck keeping your little boy warm!

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