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Help for Haiti from Cancun and Quintana Roo

The tragedy in Haiti has struck the hearts of everyone around the world. Organizations in every country are contributing to the relief effort and the kindness and generosity of humankind is clearly evident in the response to pleas for help. The local community in Cancun is doing their part in many ways, mostly through the local "Cruz Roja" (Red Cross) which has set up collection centers for donations around the city and at their main location. The word is being spread through the Cruz Roja event page on Facebook, please join if you feel you can make a contribution. I've been receiving messages with lists of supplies needed and a plea for assistance in packing the boxes to be sent to Haiti. We've contributed medicine and medical supplies and today Max and I went to the Cruz Roja to spend the afternoon doing whatever we could do to help. Max was eager to participate, he jumped right in filling boxes and counting their contents, feeling very proud of himself to be…

Back to the Beach

For a girl with a beach addiction, the last couple of months have been torture! Between health issues and cold temps, we haven't had any beach frolic time since November 22nd!! No wonder I've been miserable. Sure, I've run out to the hotel zone to catch photos of the beach recovery for work, but a short hour in my uniform is not the same as playing in my bikini for an afternoon. Yesterday the sun was out and it was warm enough for a quick trip to the new beach at Playa Delfines in the hotel zone, oh thank you Mother Nature! I picked Max up from school, made him promise to do his homework when we finished with the beach and dashed out to la playa to catch the last couple hours of sunshine.

The beach project is almost done, they should be finished in Cancun this week so I knew we'd have a wide stretch of sand. The work is currently behind the Solaris hotels, probably a kilometer away from where we were, but the pipes were still on Playa Delfines. No biggie, just to…

It Came from the North

Normally we consider Cancun to be a tropical paradise, land of sunburns and heat stroke, but the winter months can bring us the dreaded "norte", cold fronts from the north that leave us shivering. Being a Canadian girl, you might think that the cool temperatures would be tolerable, it's not like we have snow and minus zero, but after a few years here the blood thins and the body just cannot accept that it is less than 75 F/23 C. This week has felt FRIGID, temps have gone as low as 57 F/14 C. I know, I know, we are hardly suffering like those of you where it's minus a million with piles of snow, but there are some things to keep in mind. Houses here are built to stay cool, there is no central heating, windows don't shut all the way and very few people have a wardrobe for what are really Canadian fall temps. Most of us are lucky enough to actually live in cement houses where we can snuggle up with a couple of pairs of socks and our loved ones under two blanket…

I Want a Bionic Body!

Ok, ok, I've been MIA, I am sorry! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that good stuff to you all, I hope 2010 has kicked off to a good start for everyone.

Now, let's see, what's been happening around here. I think the biggest thing is that I just can't seem to get healthy and that is causing problems in so many other ways. Way back at the beginning of December I came down with a heck of a flu, off work for a week and sick for probably three weeks with a heavy cough. Near the end of my recovery, I had the "back incident" that knocked me out again. More recently I had a another scary health issue. I'll warn you, this might be considered "too much information", but heck, that's reality.

The Saturday after Christmas I woke up with a very sore breast (see, told you). The pain was constant and intense and I proceeded to do a little exam. I didn't find any lumps and just took some ibuprofen. Sunday I still hurt, then Monday came an…