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Well hi. I haven't disappeared completely, here I am! And I can finally share the skinny, give you the scoop, let the cat out of the bag as to what I have been up to and why I haven't been posting. Four score and....ook, about three months ago a company approached me about coming to work for them. After five happy years of teaching, I wasn't all that interested in making the move. A little negotiating here and there and they made me an offer that was tough to refuse and I accepted the new position. No more pencils, no more books, no more getting up at the butt crack of dawn to turn "boos" into "bus". I quit my wonderful teaching position and said goodbye to some of my oldest friends in Cancun.

I knew that the toughest part of making the move was going to be immigration, it's always stressful and never seems to go the way it should for me. The company promised that they would take care of all the arrangements and we moved forward with all the documentation. Legally and technically, you must quit your job before you can make the application to change but you are not allowed to start the new job until you have permission from INM. Let's just say that not everyone follows the rules, ahem. A few weeks into the process and human resources contacted me that they needed further documents for the immigration ordeal. Documents that I have never had to produce before and that needed to come from Canada and be "apostilled". I quickly discovered that the apostille does not exist in Canada and went about finding out what I needed to do. Blah blah blah, high school diploma and university transcripts, authenticated and legalized and Fedexed to Mexico (only $500 CAD uh huh). Once here, they all needed to be officially translated and finally brought in to the INM office. I was fretting, stressed, making myself crazy. Here I am getting a job in social media (will get into that in a second) and all my education was in dance. Yes, that's right, I went to university for dance, you know, a wise investment in my future. I thought for sure I was going to be denied and left up the creek without a job. What my education of more than 15 years ago had to do with my current job, I will never know, but in the end the papers were approved and I have my FM2 in my hot little hands again. Thank all the gods, goddesses and powers that exist in the universe, I am not going to be deported and I can work and actually talk about my work!

So, onto the job. My title is "community manager" and I am responsible for writing several blogs (four at the moment) and developing a "social media" presence. In simplest terms, I guess you could say I blog and play on Facebook and Twitter all day, though in reality it's a bit more involved than that. Of course, living where we do, it's a tourism company, hotels, tours and destination marketing. I am trying to accomplish everything in part-time hours (part of the negotiation) and I find myself busy busy busy. I go to bed at night thinking about work, I wake up in the morning thinking about work. It's not exactly a stressful job, but it does take over my brain. Part of my job includes "fam trips" (familiarization trips) in order to be able to write about tours, hotels and destinations from experience. Rough life huh? My job really is about doing things I love, exploring Quintana Roo and the Yucatan and writing about it, photographing it and sharing my experiences.

The only drawback is that I find I have no time (or energy!) to take care of my own blog. After writing all day, I only have enough left in me to take care of Max and have a bit of down time and nothing left for CancunCanuck. I was really hesitant to write about the new job before getting my FM2 in hand, so I am hoping that now that I am FREE to write about whatever I want, I'll get back into the groove again. I miss this blog, I miss catching up with all the other fabulous bloggers that are in my circle and I am going to make a huge effort to get back on the blogging horse. I know, promises, promises, someone kick me if I go too long without a post, 'kay?

Catch you soon, hasta pronto, I hope life is grand wherever you are!


Аманда said…
I was just thinking about you today, wondering where you'd been. Glad you're enjoying what you do, even if it is brain consuming. :)
Vee said…
That's about the coolest gig I can imagine. Enjoy the dance!
Yeah! you're back in action. Now could you spare me some time and energy and inspiration to work on my own blog?
Dreamer said…
Congrats on the sweet gig! Now put it out to the universe for me!!
Leslie Limon said…
Congratulations all around! Congrats on getting your paperwork in order! Congrats on your FM2 and congrats on the new job! Look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things going on with that fab job. Will you post links so we can follow your work on twitter?
Steve Cotton said…
Great to have you back. Sounds like a great job. But I do miss your pithy comments -- here and on my blog.
Kelly said…
Congrats on the job! It sounds like a great one, and hopefully once you really get into a work-life rhythm, things will settle down. Hope you're enjoying yourself!
minshap said…
Funny, I never noticed that you were blogging less! Whenever I tune in, I inevitably find something worthwhile posted, complete with details, photos, even videos!! I'm sure you will do a fabulous job with your new endeavor, so just let me add my congrats to the others. And don't worry; if all the time spent at the computer starts to get to you, I'm sure you can always show up for a surprise visit at your school and will be welcomed with open arms by all!
Sue said…
Congratulation! From what I've read on your blog, this does sound like the perfect thing for you. And your personal blog will be there when you have time and energy. Life evolves and you can't always keep things the same even if you want to. So...enjoy the ride!
CancunCanuck said…
Amanda- Hello, been thinking about you too! I think I'd be bored if it wasn't brain consuming, lol! This has been a good challenge for me in so many ways. Hope life is grand for you my dear!

Vee- Not a bad gig at all, haha. Thanks so much, I am enjoying so far!

Michele- Uy, pressure, "back in action", lol! I guess that means I do have to pay more attention now. I've got a little extra inspiration this morning, I'm shooting it down the highway to you. ;-)

Dreamer- Hello and welcome. I checked out your blog last night and am adding it to my reader. I hope you are feeling well and doing alright, you've got quite an adventure of your own going on! Putting out the positive vibes to the universe for you, take care!

Leslie- Thank you thank you thank you. I'm on twitter as CancunCanuck but not doing as much with it as I should. I'm not posting my work stuff here for a couple of reasons, but would be happy to share it with you in an email if you like. I'll drop you a line later today. :)

Steve- I am glad to be back, hope I can get back into a regular bloggy schedule, not only here but reading too! I'll stop by your tremendous blog and see if I can't come up with a pithy comment or two. Nice to see you sir!

Kelly- Thanks girl, I am enjoying myself! Still finding a rhythm as you say, but it's coming along. Did I miss your trip south or is it still coming up?

minshap- LOL, at first I was sad that you didn't miss me, but reading the rest of your comment made me smile, thank you. I have been back to the school once and it was great, lots of hugs and love. Keeping in touch with some of the folks from school is great, they've been friends for a long time, we don't need to be in the same work environment to keep that up!

Sue- Evolution is right, thank you. Things must change or we become stagnant. I'm enjoying the ride and singing a little David Bowie "Changes", lol!
On Mexican Time said…
Sounds like a sweet ass gig to me!! Have fun, and enjoy the time you are now able to spend "working" with your family!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading whatever, and whenever you can write here!!
Gaelyn said…
Congrats to you! I'm sure immigration Sucks for most who have to get into the system, especially in Mexico. But this sounds like a great job and you'll settle into the groove. What a treat to go places and get paid for writing about them. I think many of us bloggers dream of the same. Yet it's always on somebody elses schedule. Enjoy. I look forward to more updates when you're able.
Denise said…
Congrats, it sounds awesome!!! I love to hear more details of your new job when you get a chance. Will the comminmication be in SPanish?!
Geez, that job sounds like a perfect fit for you. CONGRATS! And best wishes in your new endeavor.
KfromMichigan said…
CONGRATS to you! You will do a wonderful job! Travel to all the great places in QRoo and get paid for such a tough job. WOW Find us some new places to visit. Although I've missed your absent from blogging. You know how much I enjoy the pictures.
Congrats! Sounds like a great gig!
the kirks said…
I am sure I can say that we will all miss you (from your lurker blogger readers). But I suppose, all good books must come to an end. Wonderful reading and writing you have provided to us, we will miss you CanuckCancun.
CancunCanuck said…
On Mex Time- Sweet gig indeed! Thanks for the kind words my dear, and when the heck are we going to meet my phantom Canadian friend? ;-)

Gaelyn- Immigration truly sucks, best word to describe it. I'm sure that is true of any country, not just Mexico. I'm going to try to post more frequently now that I don't have INM hanging over my head! I know it sounds paranoid, but the government does read the blog (sometimes govt IP addresses show up on the stats, freaks me out a bit, haha).

Denise- I'm not currently writing the Spanish blogs, but I do use Spanish in social media and ALL the office communication is in Spanish. One of the biggest challenges for me is learning respectful office language (I learned Spanish in the street, the etiquette of the office is new to me!)

Cynthia and Mike- Thanks so much, I hope that both of you are doing well! Nice to "see" you. :)

KfromMichigan- Thanks amiga, I'll do my best to get you some pretty pictures really soon. :)

Amber- Thanks, I feel pretty lucky right now!

the kirks- Awww, I'm not going anywhere, just not posting daily like in the past. Going to step it up and get back in the groove, I promise. Thanks for coming out of lurkerdom for a comment, I appreciate it!
jeanie said…
I am super-thrilled for you my friend!
CancunCanuck said…
jeanie- Thanks, so far so good!
Refried Dreamer said…
I could say congrats on a cool gig and what not, but apparently that's already been overdone.

I'll just leave it as:


glad you're back.
Heather said…
Congrats on the new job sounds so fun but tiring at the same time!

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