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Cancun Beach Recovery Dec. 22/2009

The Cancun beach recovery continues on its merry way, working south down the hotel zone strip. Incredible changes? Yes! Controversial? Of course. It's impossible to know what the long term environmental impact will be, but in the short term, this is a project that will keep a million people in the state employed. No beach, no tourists, no tourists, no jobs, no jobs, no food, no food, crime goes sky high. I'm split on this one to be honest, love it and hate it at the same time. The beaches look incredible and I am happy that tourism will come back ($$$), but I hate what this is probably doing to the reefs where they are dredging up sand. Anywho, what I think is neither here nor there, it's not going to change matters so we might as well enjoy the benefits of the project which are really huge, stunning beaches.

I went out to the beach this morning to see what I could see and was once again amazed by the progress. I stopped by Playa Marlin (the public access beach by…

Holiday Greetings from Canucka and Family

The very first Simpson's episode from years and years ago starts with Marge writing the family Christmas letter, "We've had some sadness and some gladness this year...", a classic TV moment. This time of year I seem to take on her raspy voice in my head, though I refuse to wear the blue beehive so I thought I might write our own family Christmas letter.

Dear Friends and Family,
Ho ho ho, feliz navidad! It's been an odd year, one of changes and struggles, two steps forward, fourteen steps back. Hubby and I both have new jobs, my switch a bit more complicated than Hubby's, in fact the change for me was probably the most difficult hurdle we faced this year. Who knew that taking a step forward was going to cause so much stress? I'm happy with my new challenge and enjoying the work so all the hassles were worth it! I will miss teaching and want to send a special greeting to all my old coworkers, love you all and I want to say thanks to my new coworkers for…

The Paper Chase Continues

It would have been really nice to think that after chasing paper all over North America for my FM2 for almost three months that I would be done and could just settle in to a "work/get paid/work/get paid" routine. But oh no, of course not, life in Mexico can't be THAT easy. To work in Mexico you need paper on top of paper and copies of the copies.

When I got my first job here years ago I had to register with "Hacienda", basically the Canada Revenue Agency (IRS for you Americans) and with IMSS (social security). That makes sense, you work, you pay taxes, easy. There are some not so easy parts attached to this though. You have to bring piles of ID but as a foreigner we have different ID that can be confusing for some poor office drone who is accustomed to Mexican after Mexican just coming in with their IFE card (national identification, like a voter card). The biggest confusion is the "apellido materno". In Mexico, everyone has two last names, the …

Back to Back

A long time ago in a galaxy 2382 kms away, I was a dancer. No, not THAT kind of dancer, a ballet, tap, jazz, modern, Hawaiian, Scottish fling kind of dancer. I started young and spent my childhood in classes and travelling for competitions and when it came time to go to university, I chose to study a BFA in dance. That dream came to an end when I had a bad fall and put my back out of commission, ending my life as a dancer forever.

I was forever in and out of physical therapy, massage therapy, shiatsu, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, if it was going to ease my pain, I was doing it. After a few years I started doing yoga and pilates and trying to gain strength and mobility again. When I arrived in Mexico, it all kind of went out the window for a variety of reasons and I have not been taking care of my spinal health. The only exception was during my pregnancy when I thought my back might implode with the pain of carrying that load. I saw a chiropractor two or three times a week …

Ironwoman I am Not

I was a busy lady last weekend, jetting south (ok, there was no jet, just a funky old VW convertible) to Playa del Carmen for the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival then over to Cozumel for the Ironman. Part work, part pleasure, though I guess calling it "work" would be a bit of a stretch. My dear friend LisaLoveLoca joined me in the adventure, picking me up in Carmen (yes, the car has a name) on Saturday morning for a kid-free weekend.

La Rana Cansada

We arrived in Playa in the early afternoon and checked into our hotelito "La Rana Cansada". Heather had recommended the place and it was perfect for us. Cute little garden with birds singing, a resident doggie named Jazz, a swan towel on the bed, and at 500 pesos, not a bad deal. We dumped our bags, got in our swimsuits and set out into the wilds of 5th Avenue. My online friend Janie was staying in Playa and we made our way towards her hotel to see if we could find her. Behold, Janie and her husband were on the beach w…

What's Up With Canucka

Well hi. I haven't disappeared completely, here I am! And I can finally share the skinny, give you the scoop, let the cat out of the bag as to what I have been up to and why I haven't been posting. Four score and....ook, about three months ago a company approached me about coming to work for them. After five happy years of teaching, I wasn't all that interested in making the move. A little negotiating here and there and they made me an offer that was tough to refuse and I accepted the new position. No more pencils, no more books, no more getting up at the butt crack of dawn to turn "boos" into "bus". I quit my wonderful teaching position and said goodbye to some of my oldest friends in Cancun.

I knew that the toughest part of making the move was going to be immigration, it's always stressful and never seems to go the way it should for me. The company promised that they would take care of all the arrangements and we moved forward with all the …