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Cancun Beach Recovery Update

Just a real quick update on the beach recovery project in Cancun, things are moving along! I went out to have a look at the action this week and my jaw quite literally hit the ground. I started talking to myself, just one word over and over "!" We had been in the area a week previously and the difference is astounding. Check out these before and after pictures (as close as I got to being in exactly the same position, close enough that you get the general idea). These photos were taken from the Playa Cabana beach club behind The City discotheque.

Lifeguard Chair Before
(there is literally zero beach below there, water
was crashing against the wall)

Lifeguard Chair After
(Just a bit more beach)

Looking towards Punta Cancun Before
(here you can see the water hitting the wall)

Looking towards Punta Cancun After
(can't even see the sea!)

This is truly an impressive project, incredible what they can do in a week. The project is full steam ahead now, all the…

My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

My friend Steven who writes the blog Travel Ojos nominated me to share three of my best travel secrets on A Canuck in Cancun as part of Trip Base Blog tag. The final list of travel secrets will be published in a special blog post and shared everywhere! (Now I am not sure I want to tell, the point of a secret is shhh, right? Just kidding of course, happy to share a couple off the beaten path places that I love). If you are a regular reader of this blog, you've heard me speak of these places before, but let's share the wealth, shall we?

1. Isla Holbox- Awww, my happy place. This small island off the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula is relatively undiscovered. No huge resorts, no theme parks, no timeshare salesmen, just small palapa style hotels on an unbelievably gorgeous stretch of beach. Holbox is best known as a jumping off point for swimming with whale sharks, a once a year phenomenon that will knock your socks off. It's also a great place for bird watching, with a …

Lionfish (Pez Leon) in Quintana Roo

The first time I heard about the "pez leon" was in this post from Anna, a fellow ex-pat in Mexico blogging in Cozumel. Since her post in April, I have read various reports of lionfish problems in Quintana Roo and today I had my first up close and personal encounter with these deadly reef assassins.

A bucketful of deadly beauty

We were having a lovely day on the beach in Puerto Morelos when we noticed a man going in and out of the water with a net and a bucket. We didn't think too much of it until a news crew showed up to interview the man. (An "only in paradise" news crew in bikini and swim trunks no less). I got my metiche (nosy) nose in the mix and approached to hear the interview and get a peek in the bucket. I saw the most beautiful fish, striped like a tiger with gorgeous wing-like fins. I promptly stepped back when I realized that I was looking at the deadly "pez leon" or lionfish. There were five in the bucket and the man said that there w…

I Need a Little Something from Canada

This is what we call a shameless plug. Begging perhaps. A little cry for help. My good friend Matt from Toronto and his fiancee Kate have created a little ditty and entered the video into a contest to win a trip to Mexico. Now, I must admit, I'm being a bit selfish in my request for your votes, I would be the biggest winner in this whole thing as I would get a visit from some great friends from Canada! Oh sure they could win a free vacation, but I'm betting they'll bring me some Triscuits if I ask real nice.

Check out their video, it makes me smile!

Now, head over to the Hilton contest site and give a big thumbs up vote for "Why Kate Deserves to Go to Mexico" (you can vote once a day, more if you go to a different internet cafe every hour). You could help these ever so lovely people escape the dreary Canadian winner and help me get a little bit of love from home. (And Triscuits.)

Vote for me! Er, I mean, vote for Matt and Kate!

Vicks on the Soles of My Feet

After my little adventures in chasing Ida last week, I've come down with a nasty infection. Now, logically I know that it is a myth that you get sick from being wet or cold, you get sick from coming in contact with germs and bacteria, but regardless, I am blaming Ida. Wading in flooded streets just to run to the corner store, going to the beach to capture waves on film and getting a wee bit wet, then the ins and outs of air conditioning inside/humid and warm outside, somewhere along the way my system lost its ability to fight the germs and here I am at home with a nose full of mocos. It really hit me like a tonne of bricks, totally fine and healthy as a horse on Sunday night, a tickle in my throat Monday morning and by Monday afternoon a full on "Ithinkimgonnadie" sicky woman moaning on the couch.

I thought I would be ok just using the usual remedies, lots of liquids, echinacea, vitamin C and rest. And of course, Vicks Vaporub. If you live in Mexico, you know that Va…

Hurricane Ida a Non-Event in Cancun

Well phooey and phew. "Phooey" because we had such an exciting build up and then nada (we like a little storm excitement around here), "phew" out of relief that nothing horrible happened. Hurricane Ida has come and gone from Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula, making her way into the Gulf of Mexico. We did have a lot of rain this week, but not what I would consider "hurricane rain" and certainly no wind came our way. Even when she was at the closest point to Cancun, we were dry and wind-free. Friday and Saturday brought much heavier rains than today when she was supposed to make her biggest impact. There was some serious flooding downtown, but that's it, no pasa nada! Back to real life, school and work tomorrow and hopefully sunshine will be returning very soon. Usually after a big storm we're back to blue skies fairly quickly, I suspect by tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday the tourists will be bronzing their backsides on the beach once again.

I t…

Tropical Depression Ida- Cancun Weather

The last few days we've been watching the storm named Ida as she has made her way north over Central America. Yesterday it was a category 1 hurricane as it hit Nicaragua, lost strength over land and was downgraded to a tropical storm, then further downgraded to tropical depression. It is now moving into the Caribbean Sea and making its way to the Yucatan Peninsula. There is a lot of speculation about what may happen over the next couple of days, all we know for sure is that we are going to get wet! It's been raining all week and today it has really been coming down hard. Streets are flooded and word on the street is that tuna is a hot item in the supermarkets. The civil protection agency has put the state of Quintana Roo on low level alerts (green alert at the moment), advising the population to prepare for some bad weather.

In looking at the various weather sites, it seems there is no definitive forecast for what Ida may become in the next couple of days. Lots of specul…

Cancun Beach Recovery Has Begun

After many set backs and problems and a pile of political back and forth, the beach recovery project has started in Cancun. I took a little trip out to the hotel zone today (Sunday) to see what I could see and to try to get some pictures. What luck, I could see, I took photos and I chatted with one of the guys working on the project!

Today they were working behind the Sunset Hotel. There was one large boat, two mid-sized boats and one little "panga" out in the water. Large pipes were coming from the big boat to the shore where several pieces of sand moving machinery were waiting. The man I was speaking with told me that there are two of the large boats, moving back and forth between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, taking turns bringing sand to the hotel zone. The large boats weigh about 15 to 20 tonnes when empty and are carrying 5000 cubic meters of sand with each trip. Unloading the sand onto the shore takes about 45 minutes to an hour, quite an impressive feat. The two mi…