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Keeping Busy in Cancun

Busy, busy, busy. I haven't been this busy in a long time, I'm invigorated and exhausted at the same time. Life is all over the place and so is my mind. Still waiting for immigration papers, Max got sick, lots of writing to do and a couple of side trips, a bit of a crazy week.

Chichén Itzá

Monday and Tuesday I checked a couple of big things off my "must do" list by visiting Chichen Itza and Il Kil. Yep, six years here and had never been, just tough to do with a small, energetic child. Chichén was better than I even expected, after all that I've read and photos and videos and personal accounts, it held up to the hype. Il Kil was incredible, the "Shrangri La" of cenotes. The Mayaland Hotel was peaceful, full of green space, fruit trees and birds. A lovely, exhausting couple of days.

The Cenote Il Kil

Max got sick on Thursday night, woke up Friday morning with a fever. I had to stay home with him, poor little guy is just a different beast when he's…

Michael Jackson is Coming to My Party

When Michael Jackson passed away, Max was a pretty confused and curious kid. Number one, he didn't really know who MJ was and number two, he didn't understand why mommy was crying like a baby over the man. My parents were here at the time and we watched the memorial service together, mourning the man who had played a huge role in my childhood. Max had a million questions. "What's in the box?", "Why is Michael Jackson in the box?", "When is he coming out of the box?", and so on and so on that lead to difficult conversations about death and dying.

Aside from having to explain the whole idea of passing away, I took the opportunity to give Max a little music history lesson. From "ABC" to "Man in the Mirror", we watched the videos, watched MJ's evolution and learned all about "Billie Jean". We talked about the message of the songs and Max was really into everything that Michael had to say. Every day Max woul…

Apostilles in Canada....No existe!

My first few years in Mexico I would hear other ex-pats talking about getting their documents "apostilled" for immigration. I had never been asked for such a thing and had never even heard the term. I learned that an apostille is an internationally recognized form of notary, basically a stamp that indicates that a document is legitimate and legal. The apostille process was introduced to the world in 1961 with the "Hague Apostille Convention" in order to reduce the heavy amount of paperwork and expense needed to fully legalize a document for international use. Apostilles are applied to paperwork such as birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, bank statements and educational documents.

I always wondered why I had never been asked for such a thing, but just counted myself "lucky". My luck ran out this year. In the process of changing jobs, after six years of FM3's and FM2's, immigration has asked for my education documents, fully …

6 Years of Living in Mexico

Don't let the title scare you, this will not be a recounting of the last six years of my life, I promise! October 10th 2003 I boarded my flight to Cancun from Toronto thinking I would be returning to start again in Canada. I had no idea that I would be starting a whole new life in a different country, this was just supposed to be a vacation! One thing led to another and here I am six years later, happy and calling Mexico "home".

I'm a much healthier person than I was six years ago, about 25-30 pounds lighter, no anti-depressant medication, no heavy drinking and overall a much more positive person. I'm a mom! That's probably the biggest difference, sometimes I wonder if the changes in myself are a result of the move, or of becoming a mother or a strange combination of the two. I've got patience like I never had, running the rat race in the big city and the "now, now, yesterday!" kind of life didn't allow for a lot of "ni modo" …

Monday Mix

Well hello Monday and hello readers. I have been totally slacking on the blog front, just not feeling really "bloggy" lately. Seems to be going around, in reading some of my favourite bloggers I've noticed similar comments about just not feeling "it", I wonder if it's a moon phase?

Things around here are moving ahead, perhaps not at the pace I would like them to but ahead nonetheless. I've hit a block on the immigration front, for the first time in my six years here they are asking for documentation of my education. Of course they give me a very limited time frame to get these documents, making me extremely tense. In the 20 years since I graduated high school, no one has ever asked for proof! It's not like I carry my transcripts with me. So I've got friends and family in Canada jumping through hoops to get the papers, get them apostilled/notarized and sent down to me as quickly as possible. Once they get here, I'll have to have them t…