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Hi all, just want to share a few upcoming Cancun and area events, a little bit of this, a little bit of that...

This Saturday August 15th The City nightclub is having a special event and the city of Cancun is plastered with flyers and posters. The Mayan Battle Championships will be the first mixed martial arts event to come to Cancun, big muscle heads hurting other big muscle heads! Not my type of entertainment, but hey, if you like to watch grown men beat the bejesus out of each other while surrounded by drunken macho men cheering them on, you can visit The City on Saturday night. Tickets are available here and here. (Yeah, I really sold that one didn't I? I figure either you like this stuff or you don't, personally I don't have a taste for it, if you do, whatever floats yer boat, come on down!)

Two events that are certainly more appealing to me than the above were announced earlier this month. After the success of Placido Domingo's concert at Chichen Itza, the governor of Yucatan state announced that Sarah Brightman and Elton John will both be presenting concerts at the famed Maya ruins site. I cannot confirm the dates, though Yucatan Today states that Sarah Brightman will perform October 31, 2009 and Sir Elton John will set a date for 2010.

In more sporty news, September 20th brings the Cancun Ironman competition. Biking, swimming and running in paradise, this should be a sight to see. (No singing or punching, at least they're not mentioned in the promotional material).

Yummy in your tummy, the Latin American Food Show is coming to the Hilton Cancun Convention Center September 2-4, 2009. LAFS is an important international trade show, bringing together Latin American food and beverage distributors from a wide variety of countries. If this is like any of the food and beverage trade shows I used to work in Toronto, you'll be full of tasty samples (and flyers and business cards and swag....)

Sticking with food but heading south, the "Taste of Playa" culinary festival kicks off in Playa del Carmen September 5, 2009. My lovely fellow blogger Michele is part of the team that is organizing this new event, I wish her all the best in her venture, I hope it is a great success!

And lastly, a little something just for fun. Apparently Hasbro is developing a Mexican version of Monopoly and giving people the chance to vote on which towns, cities and attractions are included in the game. While my house is not on the list (boooo), you can keep it local and vote for the incredible Sian Kaan biosphere which is located in southern Quintana Roo, or of course, the new wonder of the world, Chichen Itza. The site is in Spanish, but I'm pretty sure that you can figure out that "vota" means "vote", click it and then click the location you would like to see added to the game board. Both Sian Kaan and Chichen Itza are really low on votes, make yours count! I'm really looking forward to kicking the butts of Hubby and Max when this game comes out!


Steve Cotton said…
Sarah Brightman and Elton John? Certainly the Age of Man has come to an end. The Mayans are correct. I wonder if the earth will simply open and swallow us all -- or if we will be condemned, for eternity, to listen to Sarah's quaver?

You realize, of course, this is sheer cultural jealousy from we west coast types. The best we can do is a group of amateurs singing country-western songs.
My Way said…
Kelly, just in case you didn't know, I've trained in Mixed Martial Arts for several years. I also teach it, I love it, I have a passion for it and I watch it whenever I can. I'd probably attend that MMA event at the City if I could. I don't consider myself a "muscle head" but perhaps I could learn to love the fact that that's what I apparently am. I've never considered myself a "drunken macho man" either (even though I'm sure I could take one down due to my extensive training), but hey, maybe I could work with that too.
KfromMichigan said…
So what is happening when I'm in Cancun? Other than the RAP Cancun annual event. Would love to attend the Taste of Playa. Yummy! I voted for Chichen Itza!
On Mexican Time said…
Ohhh sooo totally cool about the Monopoly game! Hehe - I cheated and it allowed me to click on the 2more than a few times....
Thanks for the nice mention Kelly!! I hope you and the family will be able to make it down to Playa to attend the event!!
CancunCanuck said…
Steve- The whole idea of performers at the ruins is slightly disturbing, though I suspect the ancients had their fair share of live shows there. And hey, we don't get much down here either, B level Mexican performers playing the bull ring usually!

My Way- I certainly didn't mean to offend you, I am just not a fan. I tried to read about these events and everything was talking about their "brawn" and "power" and ability to hurt the opponent, not much was said for any kind of skill or technique or brain power. All the photos show men who apparently don't have necks, they all looked like a big pile of muscles with little heads and the promotional material describes the blood and violence you will see. The moments of UFC that I've caught shocked me, I thought it was just raw violence akin to dog fights or cock fights with human beings. I knew you did kick boxing, I just pictured it like a fancy aerobics class, not actually hitting a real person, more of an exercise regimen. I don't like boxing or wrestling or anything violent, I don't watch action movies and can't bear the thought of hitting anyone or having anyone hit me. I'm sorry if I offended, I just think that violence breeds violence and to me the fights are barbaric. And tell me that The City isn't full of drunken macho men on a normal night, getting them all together with blood lust is asking for trouble as far as I am concerned, it's bad enough at lucha libre (which I also despise and that is not even real violence). Just my opinion.

KfromMichigan- I'll have to dig around and see what I can see for you!

OnMexicanTime- Keep voting, they don't seem to stop me, lol!
CancunCanuck said…
Michele- I wish you all the best with the event, I hope it's a huge success! Not sure if we'll make it down, but my tummy would love to try!
Anonymous said…
I voted several times for Sian Ka’an and got it up to 13,654 votes.
My Way said…
Kelly, your lack of knowledge and understanding of the art/sport is not an excuse to start calling people names.

If you don't like the sport, then simply state that. "I don't like MMA". It's easy and it doesn't offend. But you didn't do that. You took it about 3 steps farther and are now continuing to make excuses for calling a friend and huge community of people (who've I'm sure have done nothing to you) nasty things.

In addition, if you don't condone it and are against it, why advertise it on your blog??? Kind of a contradiction??

Anyways, I gotta go. My "fancy aerobics class" is waiting for me.
Leslie Limon said…
Sounds like a lot of fun. The Cancun Ironman is right up my hubby's alley! The food festivals are more my thing. Too bad we're so far away!
CancunCanuck said…
Jackieinpdx- Cool thanks!

My Guey- Where exactly did I call anyone "nasty things"? I didn't make any kind of personal attack, simply stated the way I see things, much the way you do on your blog. You've said more offensive things in the name of humour, I am simply doing the same. I really don't see that there is much to "understand" about this, the goal is to hurt someone else by any means possible, I don't think I need any deeper understanding of such a thing. I wasn't being facetious when I said I thought you were using kick boxing as an exercise regimen, I pictured a classroom of women punching and kicking to hip hop music, not banging away on each other trying to draw blood. Perhaps I didn't understand what YOU were doing personally, but I think I see enough of MMA (and other "sports" that are only meant to hurt other people) to know that I don't want to know anymore. As to why I put it on the blog, it was an event post, it's an event that is coming up and I shared my opinion of it. I'm sorry if I pissed you off, but the whole idea of people paying to watch other people get hurt pisses me off too. Folks complain about violence in their neighbourhoods, wars, etc, but they'll spend money to watch exactly what they don't want on their streets. Beating the crap out of someone for no reason doesn't seem like much of a "sport" and certainly not an "art" to me. We obviously disagree.

Leslie- The Ironman stuff is cool, true athletes that amaze me! Maybe you could have a little "food festival" in the house, haha!
CancunCanuck said…
My guey- I've been trying to figure out what I said that was "nasty". I made one remark about "muscle heads", that's it, then I did exactly what you said I should do, stated that I don't like it, but if you do, come and enjoy. I haven't said anything that was offensive or demeaning, I'm sure the fighters have been called much worse than "muscle head" by others, probably by each other. And seriously, look at the photos on the MMA websites, what do you see? Muscles and blood. I read through some of the MMA forums too, shocking things to read! "It was so great to see that guy bleeding and unconscious, cool", "He broke his arm man, it was awesome!" etc, etc.. I don't think it's EVER great or cool to see someone unconscious and bleeding, I just don't get it.
Sue said…
Thanks for the link on the food fair - we signed up! (growing business ideas in our heads that will hopefully translate into something one day). Registration is free if you pre-register, otherwise - $15 US at the door.
gillian said…
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