Our Newest Pet

We still need to get a leash and give it a name, but here's the latest addition to the household.....

Look at those fuzzy wittle wegs! Who doesn't want to give him a snuggle? Oh right, ME, I don't want to give him anything except the sole of my shoe (except that I couldn't even bring myself to do that for fear that he would emerge bigger/stronger/faster and crawl up my leg and whisper terrible things in my ear). This is the biggest, nastiest cockroach I've seen in my home in almost six years here, thought he deserved a post in memoriam. Yes, he has gone on to the big drain pipe in the sky, thanks to an ever so brave (but oh so late) Hubby. R.I.P. Rey de las Cucarachas. And don't come back. Tell your friends we've got big shoes.


Аманда said…
Ewwwww! Though this reminds me of an exercise we did in Spanish class. We all had a prompt line for a story, then each group wrote a couple new lines... my favorite one was about the Cucarachas that were trying to take over the world. But don't worry, they didn't. Though judging by the size of yours, maybe they're making a resurgence?
I love his name. You got cockroaches we got spiders read the blog!
Ivanhoe said…
I cannot view your newest addition pic, but the words under explained everything ;o)
Just stopping by to say hi - I'll be linking to you on Saturday. See you then :o)
Kelly said…
Oh. my. GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! I am horribly, terribly, irrationally afraid of roaches. I would die...of fear. You are so brave!
Ale said…
AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! y sus patitas peludas!!! ack ack ack!!! and I am tryng to say something and my brain still goes aaaaaaaaggggghhhh!!!
KfromMichigan said…
How could you post that picture? YUCK .. I HATE cockroaches. (and any other bug) And to think that people eat roaches!!
mare ad mare said…
We moved into a place in downtown Ottawa and it was pretty much infested - of course we didn't know that until after we had moved in... They fumigated, we kept everything lock tight, but they were everywhere. We'd turn on the lights in the kitchen and they'd scatter. Needless to say we didn't last long there. Landlord tried to hold us to the lease - no dice.
Disgusting. Seriously disgusting.
Anna said…
AJAX EXPEL!! (mixed with a little bit of bleach.

Clean your floors with this and the roaches will keel over and die on contact - its very satisfying and you can just scoop them up and flush them away. I sometimes find cocroaches but they are always dead!!
CancunCanuck said…
Amanda- I think one day cockroaches will rule the world, they are immortal you know.

Yo Quiero Cancun- I can NOT deal with spiders, we've had a couple of tarantulas and I freak freak freak!

Ivanhoe- I fixed the pic, hope you can see it (though you may wish you couldn't!) Looking forward to Saturday!

Kelly- For some reason the itty bitty roaches of Canada were worse for me than these big guys. I think their size earns my respect, lol! Thank goodness we don't get many. :)

Ale- Those legs need to be shaved for sure, haha! Have you recovered? ;-)

KfromMichigan- Oh man, there will be NO bug eating for me, oh definitely not! (And I made up for cucaracha pic with cute puppies, feel better?)

mare ad mare- I had two apartments in Toronto that had roach problems, they much smaller and get into the food and they come in DROVES. They may be big here, but they seem to come one at a time rather than in an army.

Anna- I love Expel! We very rarely get the roaches, maybe one every six months and usually dead. Our next door neighbour is an exterminator so the yard and garden and the whole house is taken care of frequently (thank goodness!) I still use Expel, it's good stuff. :)

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