Cancun Beach Recovery Update June 9, 2009

Noticaribe is reporting that the Secretary of Tourism announced today that a company has finally been contracted to restore the devastated beaches of Cancun and Quintana Roo. The Mexican company "Dragados" has been selected to rebuild the beaches of Cancun, Playacar, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, with the project slated to start in fifteen days, for a duration of approximately four months. While visiting Quintana Roo last week, President Felipe Calderon pledged one billion pesos toward the project, though he offered no explanations of how the money was to be administered. The project is funded through a trust involving the federal, state and municipal governments, responsible for the initial operations and a ten year period of maintenance.

Since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the beaches of Cancun and Quintana Roo have suffered greatly. In 2006 the original beach recovery program was implemented, though the suggested maintenance and erosion prevention measures were not taken and the beach was once again swept out to sea. The planning of this second attempt has been fraught with delays and impediments, from debates over which parties would pay for the work to environmentalists' concerns over the ecological effects. One thing is perfectly clear. The state is in desperate need of this program, with the negative press about Mexico and the resultant decline in tourism, it's vital for the beach to come back. Bring back the beach, bring back the tourists, bring back the jobs and get people working again. It's certainly not the only thing that needs to be done, but it is a high priority.

So, salud, cheers, let's hope it all goes smoothly, on time, on budget and without any hurricane interruptions. (Is my skepticism showing?)


Kristyn said…
Just got back from a week at Dreams Cancun...everyone should visit! They had a decent beach, great location, fantastic staff, good was an awesome time! We had hesitated to go to Mexico but after reading your blog and doing the research, we went. We went to the Mayan ruins, Isla Mujeres, snorkling three times in different places, and shopping! Wish we had more time.
MD in Texas said…
I will be curious to see what beach areas are on the list for Isla Mujeres, since such a large portion of the beach recovery has been handled already by private property owners. Maybe I can find out when I visit in July or September! Thanks for the update.
What a great project. I am so jelouse thatyou are able to find out things that are going on around town. Here in Tulum it is much more word of mouth (and we do not everyone) or read it in the paper the day after it happened. :)
KfromMichigan said…
I pray it works this time around. And NO hurricanes! The water in Cancun is the most beautiful and it needs the powder white sand.
Louise said…
Funny - our driver today was just talking about this very thing, the beach recovery. Please, please anyone that may be contemplating visiting Mexico, go, go, go! I'm in Cancun now and it is just amazing! The beach is great in front of the Cancun Palace. I'm here with my 18 year old daughter and we not doing the bar scene but there are so many other exciting activities in which to participate. Hey Kelly - we're swimming with the whale sharks tomorrow, Thursday. I can't wait. I've got our underwater cameras ready to shoot. I'll let you know how it goes.
So will this be a "permanent" fix or will there always need to be restoration?
Nick and Brenda said…
Love your site! Thanks for all the great information. We will be there in mid July. We're taking our young kids and the beach was a must have. After reading many different posts we concluded that the northern beaches facing Isla Mujeres were still very nice. We are staying at the Presidente Intercontinental. Could you confirm that this is the case?

Thank you once again for all the great information!
CancunCanuck said…
Kristyn- Glad you had a great trip, sounds like you hit all the hot spots! Thanks so much for your comment, hope to see you again soon. :)

MD in Texas- I'm pretty sure it's Playa Norte that they are going to be helping out with on Isla. I know a lot has been done already, but some touch ups here and there can't hurt. Have a couple of great trips!

Rosas Clan- Put Noticaribe on your reader, they're very good at getting news up about Quintana Roo quickly (and without too much editorializing). :)

KfromMichigan- I'm with you, cross your fingers on this one!

Louise- Thanks for stopping in while on vacation, very nice of you! I'm so jealous you are swimming with the whale sharks, be sure to tell me all about it! Good to hear the Cancun Palace beach is back, last time I was out there it was a disaster! Seems to change week to week, glad it's good right now.

American Mommy- Good question, thus my skepticism. Well, one of the reasons for my skepticism. I hope that they do it right this time, maintenance will be needed but hopefully we won't have to be doing the big ole dredging project every few years, it could be devastating for the ecology of the area.

Nick and Brenda- You are going to be on THE best stretch of beach in Cancun (IMHO), it's gorgeous right there. The north side is in great condition, particularly at the Presidente and Ambiance Villas (right next door to you). Have a great trip, thanks for commenting!
Estuardo said…
Hello from Guatemala!!! Congrats for you blog !!! me, my 2 kids and wife are visiting Cancun June 20´th and im worried about hows the beach at my hotel ( Royal Caribbean) cause for what i´ve been reading you cant swim there because of a lot of rocks ( just like your picture!!!)
also worried about the it raining this time of year?
CancunCanuck said…
Estuardo- I haven't been out to the Royals in a while, I know they change from week to week, check out their webcams or ask on Trip Advisor forums if anyone has seen it recently. Hope it's alright for you! As for the weather, don't look at the reports, they always say rain this time of year but it's usually just a quick shower. Mostly expect HEAT and HUMIDITY! Have a fantastic trip, thanks for stopping by!

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