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Scottish Tourist Missing from Moon Palace

Missing: Julia Howard
(photo courtesy The Scottish Sun)

It's a mystery. A family from Scotland reports that 78 year old Julia Howard went missing at the Moon Palace resort on June 15th. She apparently left the pool area to retrieve a hat from her room and has not been seen since. The family states that the hotel and the authorities did little to help them until earlier this week when the news hit the press. In addition to a lack of appropriate response, the attorney general of the state of Quintana Roo made a completely inappropriate statement about the matter:

"The Quintana Roo AG, Bello Melchor Rodriguez Carrillo, was quoted by Focus Radio in Mexico as stating;“The first presumption is that the Attorney General’s (Office) is against the family, they just had to take care of the management of this person, because we don’t know the clinical history of this person (Julia Howard), who may have mental deficiencies, (we’re) totally unaware of the physical health this person arri…

Ketchup. Er, Catch Up

Wow, can't believe it's been so long since I blogged, let's play catch up, see if I have some good excuses for not posting lately.

1. The Big Show- Every year Max's school does an end of year production in a theater, fancy costumes, lights, choreography and chaos. Last week we had a rehearsal on the stage during the week and the performance on Saturday morning. I always get so emotional at these events, I guess that's the curse of the parent isn't it? My little guy's class (Kinder 1) did three numbers, the first one was the English song and dance to "Heigh Ho" from Snow White. I personally think they could have picked a better song, "dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig" is a bit repetitive, but it was cute. Particularly since it seems most of the kids thought that the words were "I'm HOME" instead of "Heigh Ho", they sure belted out the chorus. The main event for Kinder 1 was their Yucatecan dance , they looked adorable i…

Frickin' Mumble- Language Lessons

The language in our house is constantly evolving, a four year old learning new words and phrases everyday and the Canuck trying to improve her Spanish (and occasionally correcting Hubby's English). Max has been having a bit of a language explosion lately, but not always in a positive way. On the plus side, instead of whining and crying and throwing a useless tantrum, he's learned to say "Mommy, I'm frustrated, it's hard being a kid because (insert problem of the moment here)". I'm thrilled that he's learning to communicate his feelings, "Use your words Max!", the mood in the house is much nicer without the foot stomping and whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines that can come out of a preschooler. On the other hand, he's far more of a mimic than I like, reflecting some of my own bad behaviour and using some of the more adult words that really shouldn't be coming out of his little mouth. It's hard not to lau…

Hot Sunday in Puerto Morelos

The weather has been hot, hot, hot down here in the tropics, fine inspiration to head to the beach (like I need a reason). It's been a while since we were in Puerto Morelos, so off we went for some fun in the hot sun and the warm ocean. We played, we frolicked, we walked, we swam, we snorkeled a little and there were even a couple of moments of relaxation. Overall a good time was had by all. Here's a few pics of our day....

Puerto Morelos does NOT need the beach reconstruction,
the beach is wide and gorgeous for many kilometers

Sundays are big for families
(I loved this umbrella and their little circle of love)

Snorkel/dive boat
(with a wee pirate attempting to sneak aboard up the rope)

Max practicing his LandSnorkeling

My favourite shot of the day
Nestor the Amazing Beach Doggie!

We're all brown and toasty today and TIRED. Yeah, yeah, we have such a rough life I know. But hey, I work six days a week (er, part time, ahem), one day of rest is not enough! We are really looking …

Mexican Junk Food

A few weeks ago I encountered an intriguing challenge on Twitter. Sher is an American living in Czech Republic and she set up the "World Blog Surf Day" , an event for expat bloggers everywhere. The rules are simple, write about "food", anything about food, what you love, miss, hate, find strange, anything at all and then link to the next person in the blog chain. I thought it sounded like a fun way to find new blogs and read about yummy stuff at the same time so I threw my hat in the ring. With 31 other bloggers from around the world, I'm sure there will be a great variety of delicious material to read, please check everyone out here.

So, food in Mexico. Well that's a pretty big topic and one I've been thinking about for weeks. I could have written about all the variations of "taco", the use of chiles, local Yucatecan treats or what I find in the grocery store. Instead, I chose to go with something near and dear to my heart, junk food! …

Cancun News Bites June 12, 2009

Just a few tidbits of news that may be interesting to tourists and locals alike. Happy Friday!

1. Beach recovery dates set- "Mexicana de Dragados S.A. de C.V", the Mexican branch of Jan de Nul (the company who originally did the beach recovery in 2006) is set to begin work on July 15 on rebuilding the beaches of Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The project is slated to take 151 days at a cost of 773 million pesos, with a ten year maintenance plan. No word yet as to where they will be starting, I will keep you posted when I have any details about which areas will be having work done and when. (Source: Noticaribe)

photo courtesy Novedades (Sipse)

2. Fire in Casa Maya- There was a small fire in the Casa Maya hotel yesterday in the early evening. A electrical short in some machinery is said to be the cause. Guests were temporarily evacuated to the beach, but there is apparently no damage to the guest areas and no one was injured. (Source: Novedades d…

Buzz and Ziggy- Kittehs Done Growed Up

Ok, remember these little guys? This was May of last year when we first adopted our little brothers...

Ziggy (left) and Buzz (right)

And here they are now, just a year later.....

Ziggy (left) and Buzz (right)



Jabba the Buzz

Ummmm, yeah, so they've put on some pounds. They really ballooned after their neutering and when Max decided that they needed to be fed every time their bowl was empty. I caught him refilling and had to explain to him that they don't need THAT much food. Their exercise regimen is now his responsibility, the pulling of the yarn, the throwing of the ball, we must get these chubbas to shed those kilos! They're both really lovely cats, purry and soft and well, cat-like in all the good ways.

Please don't forget that not all animals in Cancun have an all you can eat buffet at their disposal. There is a huge problem of unwanted, homeless, sick and abused animals in the streets of Cancun and the state of Quintana Roo. If you are so incl…

Cancun Beach Recovery Update June 9, 2009

Noticaribe is reporting that the Secretary of Tourism announced today that a company has finally been contracted to restore the devastated beaches of Cancun and Quintana Roo. The Mexican company "Dragados" has been selected to rebuild the beaches of Cancun, Playacar, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, with the project slated to start in fifteen days, for a duration of approximately four months. While visiting Quintana Roo last week, President Felipe Calderon pledged one billion pesos toward the project, though he offered no explanations of how the money was to be administered. The project is funded through a trust involving the federal, state and municipal governments, responsible for the initial operations and a ten year period of maintenance.

Since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the beaches of Cancun and Quintana Roo have suffered greatly. In 2006 the original beach recovery program was implemented, though the suggested maintenance and erosion prevention measures were not taken and th…

Puppy Love

So perhaps cockroaches are not your cup of tea, how about puppies? Everybody likes puppies! You may recall that a little while ago I helped rescue a lovely dog I named "Princesa" from the parking lot where I work. I took her for shots and to get her fixed, but she was in heat so we had to wait for the surgery. I brought her to her new home and a few days later when I pulled into work, she was there in the parking lot. When I asked her new daddy what happened, he told me she had broken her leash the night before and taken off, he was as surprised as I was that she ended up back where we found her. He brought her home and realized a short time later that in her night of freedom she had managed to get herself knocked up (tramp!) She had her puppies last week so I went to pay a visit to the new mom today.

Princesa and her brood of five

I call him "Hedgehog"

Apparently this one is named "Max". At least according to Max.
(He/she just opened her eyes today…

Our Newest Pet

We still need to get a leash and give it a name, but here's the latest addition to the household.....

Look at those fuzzy wittle wegs! Who doesn't want to give him a snuggle? Oh right, ME, I don't want to give him anything except the sole of my shoe (except that I couldn't even bring myself to do that for fear that he would emerge bigger/stronger/faster and crawl up my leg and whisper terrible things in my ear). This is the biggest, nastiest cockroach I've seen in my home in almost six years here, thought he deserved a post in memoriam. Yes, he has gone on to the big drain pipe in the sky, thanks to an ever so brave (but oh so late) Hubby. R.I.P. Rey de las Cucarachas. And don't come back. Tell your friends we've got big shoes.

Reality vs. Fantasy- A Burger King Tale

Something happened to me on Friday that I've been stewing about. A situation arose, I chose a course of action and as soon as it was over I started rewriting the scene in my head with fantasies of how else it could have gone down. Part of me really, really wished I had done something different, but alas, upon reflection, I made the best choice for me and my character. Here's how it really went:

Scene: Burger King, day, woman (that's me!) sits reading a book while her son creates chaos in the play area. Tattooed gringo man enters BK and starts to approach woman. She realizes who he is and wonders what he wants, her heart pounding in anticipation of a confrontation.

Man (in an Alabama accent): Maam, I see you wearing the uniform for (insert my company's name here) so I know you teach English, can you help me out? My wife and I are trying to make a phone call back to the states, we're staying in a hostel and lost all our money, can you spare a few dollars so …

El Fish Fritanga- "Secret" Cancun Restaurant

Cancun's hotel zone is chock full of restaurants, from American chains to those fancy schmancy high end places that we've never set foot in (fine dining at tourist prices is not in our budget). Hidden away between the white linen/thirty dollar appetizer establishments is a little known place called "El Fish Fritanga" (their website needs some help, but wanted to share it with you anyway). From the outside it doesn't look like much, but locals know that a few stone steps lead to a lovely little outdoor garden set on the lagoon.

Here you'll find a great selection of seafood, from the 10 peso "pescadallas" (deep fried fish tacos) to the special Mayan style "tikin xic" fish (prices vary by season), anyone who loves "mariscos" will find something to suit their tastes. I'm quite fond of their "dedos de pescado" (fish fingers), always fresh and delicious and at around 50 pesos, a bargain. Hubby usually goes for the cevi…

This and That and the Other

I've been feeling rather uninspired lately, no big news, not much of anything exciting going on, so here are just a few random thoughts and things and stuff that have been running around in my mind.

1. Max has just finished his final exams at school. I drilled him on all his English stuff and he knew it cold, but his English teacher said he couldn't name some of the animals. He knows them, he just didn't want to tell her. I think he thinks she's dense, "Well duh teacher, you don't know? Well, I'm not going to tell you!"

2. Car troubles. The "service engine soon" light has been on in the car for ages and ages and we've had to ignore it ($$$). Last week the car started to make a sound like "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaal squeal squeal squeaaaaaaal" when driving so we thought it would be best to get it looked at. 2000 pesos got us oil/filter change and a few other goodies, but alas, the squeal…

Cancun Weather- It's Rainy Season, Relax

It was bound to happen, the emails have started to arrive from people who are desperately checking their favourite weather sites to see how things are shaping up for their upcoming vacations. It's that time of year people, the forecasts are always going to call for rain, whether (not weather, haha) it's accurate or not. It is rainy season after all, the humidity is high, the ocean is heating up and we're bound to see a little of the wet stuff.

(Here's the part where I cover my a$$ and remind you all that I am NOT a meteorologist, nor a scientist. Heck, I'm not an expert of any kind, just sharing what I've experienced in the hopes of easing some stressed out travelers' minds....)

Generally at this time of year we'll see forecasts full of ominous black clouds and fancy numbers indicating the likelihood of rain and storms. The reality is usually that we'll have hot and sunny weather during the day and a little rain at night. Some showers might blow…