Taking a Sick Leave

I know many people are waiting for the latest update on swine flu in Cancun, but alas, it won't be coming from me today. I've just returned from the hospital (no, NOT the swine flu) and have been diagnosed with pharyngitis and conjunctivitis. Very sore throat, cough, headache, and my eyes are, well, disgusting. I can barely see so trying to read all the news today is just not in the plan. I'm going to bed, kicking Hubby and kid out of the house and am going to try to get some rest. With all the meds I'm taking, hopefully I'll be feeling much better very soon and will have some news about what's going on. In the meantime, please check in with Dangers, he's got a great blog and has been keeping people well up to date on all the info he can lay his hands on.

Just a note on the hospital experience. I went to the emergency room at Amerimed, a private hospital in downtown Cancun. When we arrived there was one person in the waiting room. I filled out a couple of forms and within two minutes I was talking to the doctor in the consultation room. There was no one else in the ER. I asked the staff if it had been that calm all week and they said no, they had seen their fair share of people who were worried about having swine flu (H1N1 as we are supposed to call it now) but of course they were all psychosomatic or just cases of the plain old flu. It was kind of spooky it was so calm, I expected to see a swarm of people there. When we returned to the waiting room, it was completely empty, that's kind of odd even in normal times. Perhaps the beautiful sunny day had people going to Dr. Beach instead of the hospital.

Empty E.R. Waiting Room in Cancun

So I am off to bed. I apologize for a lack of information today, as soon as I'm feeling better (and seeing more clearly), I'll start to dig through the news for anything relevant to the situation in Cancun and Quintana Roo. Thanks for your understanding!

(this is old news now folks, here's a link for the latest updates on swine flu in Cancun)


Cdn Cat said…
Hope you feel better soon!
KfromMichigan said…
Take care of yourself chica. You don't want to be sick for very long. The beach is calling your name. Rest .. Rest .. Rest
La Gringa said…
So sorry to hear that. Take care of your eyes. We had a conjunctivitis outbreak a few years ago in Honduras. It can be very painful, I've heard. It's also very contagious so be careful about using the same towels as someone else, etc.

I've got the flu! and was just shutting off my computer when I saw your update and wondered if you did, too. Hope you feel better soon.
Jonna said…
Take care of yourself Canuck, you need those eyes to watch your Max grow up. I think it is one of the joys of having a school age kid around, you catch every damn thing that exists! Little germs they are, except so cute you don't care.

Take care of yourself. I've had the 'red eye' several times from my old job, the medication works pretty quickly so you should be better soon.
Don't forget to throw out all your eye makeup! I am sorry that you feel yucky, get lots of rest, we depend upon you!
We were at the clinic the other day (non-flu related) and it was pretty empty too. I think people aren't out and about for any reason.
OHmommy said…
Glad you are safe, I've been a lurker for quite some time.
LisaG05 said…
Ugh, nothing like a little pink eye to make you feel miserable. I don't know if someone ever told you to do this...put a little bit of baby shampoo and some water into a shot glass, then place it over your eye and roll it to clean it out. Just a suggestion...worked for me and my family lol. Hope you feel better soon!
Amanda Lynn said…
I hope you feel better soon!
Miss Kitty said…
Hope you're feeling better by now. Thanks so much for all the info!
Brice said…
Get well soon. Then, go to Dr. Beach yourself, for a final checkup.
CancunCanuck said…
Thanks all, I am in desperate need of Dr. Beach! I'm feeling better, though having some very strong reactions to the medicine. I'll be honest, I skipped a dose this morning in order to get some work done, shh, don't tell my mom. The meds make my head spin, body shake and the pounding headache from them is unbearable. I suppose I should dose up now (sigh), no need for the original infection to come back.

I appreciate your comments, thanks!

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