Hurricane Season 2009 has Begun!

Well well well, looky here, the first Atlantic "tropical depression"of the year. It's nowhere near Cancun (closer to Canada actually), but living where we do, we monitor the Atlantic activity throughout the months of June to November (and here we are May, early to the party Mr. Depression Number One). I know this may sound odd, but I get excited about these events. I know that we are not in physical danger and I must say there is nothing quite so exhilarating as a tropical storm when you know you are safe. I also figure that we survived Wilma, we can survive anything. She was the biggest, baddest of them all, nothing could be worse than that and we were fine (physically anyway). Cancun took a big wallop, but showed its resilience and ability to get back to business in a short time. I think the swine flu "infodemic" might be causing more damage than a hurricane. I am not making light of a very serious event, I understand that hurricanes are responsible for a huge loss of life and property every year, but I do get a surge of adrenaline that I just can't explain.

So, I guess it's that time of year again, see my post from last year about hurricane preparedness to see what kind of fun we get up to. Welcome to the danger zone!

Just for fun, here's the list of names for the storms this year (names are not applied until the weather system reaches tropical storm level, depressions are just numbered).....

2009 Atlantic storm names

Ana, Bill, Claudette, Danny, Erika, Fred, Grace, Henri, Ida, Joaquin, Kate, Larry, Mindy, Nicholas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam, Teresa, Victor, Wanda

They all sound pretty harmless, right? Like Auntie Ida could ever do anyone any harm.....Or Larry? Larry can't even lift the water bottle onto the cooler, what damage could a Hurricane Larry inflict? (I suppose I should be knocking on wood here, I don't want to come back in a few months and say that Ida kicked our butts....)

Stay tuned.......


Amanda Lynn said…
Larry makes me think of the Pearls Before Swine comic. Poor Larry the gator can't even kill a zeeba.
Sue said…
I don't know, the Larry I know could do a lot of And yes, you have tempted the hurricane spirits, you'd better find some wood to knock on, and fast. Here's hoping they all stay away this year and leave us alone. Not even a little scare would suit me just fine. (all of this said 'tongue-in-cheek', I hope you know). :-)
I think Mindy is going to be a huge Bitch! That is just personal experience. hehehe

Mindy in Tulum!
Gaelyn said…
I agree storms are exciting. Maybe it's all those negative ions. Just be prepared and hang on tight.
Sara said…
"That would freak me out!" says the girl living in one of the most seismically charged countries on the planet.
CancunCanuck said…
Amanda- Teeehee, Larry just can't get it together, can he? Poor Larry.

Sue- I've knocked on all the wood I can find, my knuckles are raw. As exciting as the storms are, the economy of Cancun really needs a hurricane-free year!

Mindy- Well, I wasn't going to say it.....(just kidding of course)! I hope your namesake is as nice as you are.

Gaelyn- If you are prepared for the big one, all will be well. The scary part is after the storm, how quickly can a city recover and people can get back to work. Even during Wilma I was not afraid for my life, but we spent the storm making alternative plans if we walked out to find the city destroyed completely. The lack of information during a storm is disconcerting, we don't know just how bad it is outside of our little refuge. Our first look at Cancun after Wilma was....devastating. We cried when we saw the destruction Wilma had wrought. But we were happy that we were all unhurt and able to jump right in to the clean up.

Sara- Oh, I'll take hurricane over earthquake any day, at least we have the warnings that they are coming and can prepare, earthquakes just hit you, BAM, and we all fall down.
Fned said…
That's so weird! You got my grandma's (BOTH names), my mom's and my brother's names in that list!!

Hope none of them turn out to be mean like Wilma!

Stay safe,
Heather said…
I just saw something on the news this morning about still recovering from Ivan and i thought of you. Good luck this season, may you stay dry!
The Duke said…
I was wondering if Cancun is still deserted? We were planning on coming to Cancun for a bachelor party the week of June 21. Also, what is the likely hood that there would be a hurricane for this time frame? Do you think it is worth going during the week of June 21, or should we book for a later time in the winter months?
CancunCanuck said…
Fned- I hope your family namesakes are peaceful and stay out at sea, lol! That is too weird!

Heather- We're ok so far, fingers crossed for the next few months!

The Duke- Things are picking up, reports today say that occupancy is around 50%, still lower than normal, but better than it was. Hurricanes aren't real likely in June, but not impossible, they usually turn up later in the season when the sea has warmed up a lot more. Hope you have a fab trip! (The earliest hurricane I've experienced was July 15).

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