Cenote Snorkeling in Tankah

Max woke me up this morning begging to go snorkeling. We were prepared to go to the beach today as per usual, but decided to check out a cenote instead to please the little man. I'd recently read about Mindy and her family's trip to Casa Cenote and thought that might be a good adventure for the day. We hit the road, stopped for Ty-Coz on the highway (15 peso tortas, hot fresh baguettes and ham, yum) and filled up with drinks and snacks for the hour and a half trip south.

Casa Cenote is located just outside of Tulum, in an "almost" town called Tankah. There is a small entrance fee (20 pesos) and kayaks are available for rent for 100 pesos an hour. The cenote is extremely close to the ocean, just a few steps across the road brings you to the incredible Caribbean Sea and a small beach side restaurant.

The snorkeling was great fun, lots to see under the cool waters of Casa Cenote. I think instead of blah blah blahing about it, I'll just let the pictures and video speak for themselves.

And there you have it, a glimpse of Casa Cenote, another great day trip out of Cancun.


Your pictures are really great!! What are you using for underwater stuff?
CancunCanuck said…
Thanks Michele! I'm just using my little digi point and shoot (Sony) with an underwater casing (which I just discovered has been discontinued, gulp). I LOVE it. I use it on the beach too just to protect the camera from water and sand.

Steve said…
I agree. The photographs are stunning. The striped fish make a very interesting grouping. A visit to your part of the world is certainly going to be on the list once I get down.
K.W. Michigan said…
The pictures are great .. hope Max enjoyed all the fish!
Andrea Lee said…
The photos are amazing! It is so beautiful - and the sun is definitely a nice change from the rain and wind that I have here at home.

Must have been wonderful.
Sara said…
Once again, awesome pics! I would love to be able to say that "So and so woke me up to go snorkeling..." Instead it's like get on a bus, sit in hot, stuffy bus for 1.5 hours. Arrive at beach that is cold and only crazy little kids will actually swim in.
Kelly said…
Lovely pictures! I want to snorkel a cenote, I'm putting it on the list for the next Mexico trip!
CancunCanuck said…
Steve- Please do pay us a visit, the area offers so many unique opportunities for exploration!

K.W.- Max loved the fishies, he's still a little freaked by the mask and snorkel, he pops his little head up every few seconds, but he's getting the hang of it.

Andrea Lee- Sorry to hear about your nasty March weather, hopefully spring will find you soon!

Sara- We are very fortunate to live where we do. We've got the big city convenience of Cancun and the great natural getaways so nearby. Now, it took us an hour and a half to get there, but in our own car not on a bus and dang, it was so worth the drive. :)

Kelly- There are soooo many cenotes in this area, a great place to start (though somewhat expensive for us) is Hidden Worlds, quite popular. I highly recommend hitting the cenotes!
On Mexican Time said…
Yes, awesome pics and video!!!

I was going to ask how you did the underwater stuff, but Michele beat me to it!! Great minds think alike I guess, LOL!!!

Mmmm.... I am now craving some Tycoz!!!!
Amanda Lynn said…
Love the pictures! Looking at them makes me long for summer. It better get here soon!
Hey , I am so sorry we missed you. Next time you are down this way we have to meet up. I love this cenote. And such an advantage- off the beaten path, near the beach and a restaurant!!!
Heather said…
Amazing Pixs! I am so determined to take Thais snorkeling now. Of course i will probably just get trash and rocks, but I know she'd still love it.

Gaelyn said…
These images are all wonderful. I'll bet Max had a great time.
I snorkled in a place north of Tulum on a tour called "The Indian Jones Jungle Adventure" I think. We walked less than a mile thru jungle to a cenote where we snorkled into a cave, with air overhead, and saw cave formations, but I don't remember a lot of fish. It's cool. Although I'm not a scuba diver.
Dangers said…
Simply beautiful, thanks CC!
Laura said…
love the video, I felt like I was snorkeling along with you.
Islagringo said…
You find the most interesting places! I want to be your little boy too!
Lou-Anne said…
Hey Kel: love your pics although they make me extremely jealous. Lou and I are ceritfied in scuba so we can't wait to visit and do some amazing diving!! I won an underwater digital camera at our last Christmas party for our scuba club and am anxious to try it. Now if we could only find Lou a job...
Glad all is well, you look absolutely fantastic, HOPE to see you! Love Lou
CancunCanuck said…
On Mexican Time- Ty Coz is our beach food, so cheap and easy to clean up afterwards. Nice to have one on the highway in the gas station complex, with an Extra, so convenient, one stop shop and gas!

Amanda Lynn- I hope summer comes quickly for you! Glad you like the pics. :)

Mindy- Definitely! That spot had a lot going for it, it's quite a drive for us but we felt it was well worth it. (And cheap, very important for it to be cheap, lol!)

Heather- Pick up a snorkel and mask for her and have her practice in the bathtub and pool first, the ocean might be a bit freaky if she hasn't got the hang of the equipment. And hey, maybe you'll find some treasure. :)

Gaelyn- I haven't heard of that tour, was it a long time ago? There are soooo many cenotes down here, some off the beaten track, others big tourist attractions. The "Big One" is called Hidden Worlds, it's supposed to be good, but it's out of our budget. I think some cenotes have fish, others not, but I couldn't tell you why! I don't scuba either (though I wish I did, bad ears!), but snorkeling is just as good for me.

Dangers- Glad you liked, check it out next time you are down!

Laura- Glad you could join me in my little spin around! That was harder to shoot than it looks, I didn't have a life jacket or flippers so I was swimming hard and trying to keep the camera still too. I was glad to get home and see that it actually looked ok!

IslaGringo- Awww, you'll always be my little boy, lol! The fishies didn't freak you out? No sharks there, but I was on the look out for crocs. ;-)

Lou-Anne- Wow, so great to see you here old friend! You guys MUST get down here if you are scuba fans, SOOOOOO much to see! The reefs are incredible, but I think you would probably really enjoy the cave and cenote diving too. It's a totally different experience, in fact I think it's a different certification. Great to hear from you, hugs to you and Lou!
Anonymous said…
A friend and I stayed at Casa Cenote a few years ago when we took a side trip from Isla. We didn't snorkel in the cenote though. We did snorkel in the bay but it was really rough currents and not a lot to see because of the murky water from the previous days of rain.
Anonymous said…
Oh, if you didn't try the restaurant at Casa Cenote I will tell that when we stayed there breakfast was included in the room rate. The menu was small but the few meals we ate there were all good. They have a Sunday all you can eat Texas BBQ that was very good.
CancunCanuck said…
Jackie- Hola amiga, nice to see you! We popped over to the restaurant, it was lovely. They had the Texas BBQ on but we were on a budget day so didn't try it (looked good though!)
mare ad mare said…
I'm so jealous. Would be nice to be able to do that every once in awhile. Max must love it.
It would be nice to hear you say that you get bored of it being gorgeous all the time ;-)
Heather said…
Great idea about the bath tub! Since we are moving to NY next weekend, it will be lots of swimming pool snorkeling this summer.

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