Going to the Doctor in Cancun- A Tale with a Sore End

I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor today after five days of what I thought was just a sinus infection with a little cough. Turns out it's "un infección muy fuerte" (a very strong infection) according to the man in the white coat. Bronchitis and sinusitis, yippee! The very quiet doctor checked my throat, took my temperature and blood pressure and listened to my chest for a long time, then started writing and writing on his prescription pad. He started to go through the list with me but I stopped him after the first one. "Injections? Really? I can't just get pills?" (I'm SUCH a chicken about shots). "No señora, it's a very serious infection we need to do the injections". (Conversation in Spanish of course). Every item on the list made me see peso signs in my head, I was concerned about how much this was all going to cost me. Boy was I surprised! Three ampules of antibiotics for the dreaded injections, one bottle of syrup, three boxes of various pills for phlegm (I love that word), pain and fever, etc, etc, and the total was 264 pesos. Phew, not so bad! Add the 40 pesos consultation fee and the 20 pesos for the injection fee for a total of 324 pesos, about $22 USD from diagnosis to treatment. At least the bill didn't add to my headache.

After getting all the meds from the pharmacy, I returned to the consult room for the dreaded shot. Max was laughing already, he knew what was coming. I got up on the table, lay face down and exposed a little bit of nalga/pompi/butt cheek and Max was in hysterics. Honest to god he was pointing and saying "Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha HA", little bugger. I love when the doc says "un picadito" (a little prick) and then I feel the jab and my body convulses which makes it hurt worse and then it takes at least an hour for the medicine to go (or so it felt like) during which time my butt cheeks would involuntarily clench and jump which certainly didn't help matters and Max taunting and laughing and me flashing back to a million bad injection experiences as a child and gripping the edge of the table and biting the paper sheet and in the end (pun intended)........my bum hurts. And I get to do it two more times, oh joy. At least I didn't cry. Much. I go back tomorrow for another, but this time, the peanut gallery stays home, I can mock myself thankyouverymuch little man, you just wait for your next vaccination, no more Mrs. Nice Mommy with lollipop ending.


I can sooo see your little guy enjoying switcher-roo!
Jorge said…
Pobrecita! Love you wa wa waaaa
Calypso said…
Sorry Canuck - get well soon...and as you suggest you got quite the bargain for your misery ;-)
TAB in PA said…
I hope you are feeling better soon. I absolutly love reading your blog. You crack me up!!!
Kelly said…
Feel better soon! Well, you should with those injections. I cry like a baby when I get shots (often, I get step throat a lot), and yet somehow I've made it through two tattoos with nary a tear. I think it's voluntary vs. involuntary.

And, I second TAB!
On Mexican Time said…
Jajajajaja - mi suegro is a Dr here in Cancun, 2 years ago it was he who was giving me the injections!!! Now that was embarassing!!! LOL!!!

Get better soon!!
CancunCanuck said…
American Mommy- All my fault really, I encourage comedy, it's always been a big part of my life, I just didn't intend to be the "butt" of the joke. :)

Jorge- Gracias. Kachuga.

Calypso- Thanks, hoping to kick this bug soon, I'm going stir crazy here. I'm just annoyed I had to pay for my misery at all, haha, it's so un-Canadian. ;-)

TAB- Thanks, glad I could give you a giggle!

Kelly- I managed to get through one tattoo ok, and yes, I want another. Something so different about feeling that penetration and the cold flow of medicine and knowing that while I will feel better but it's not permanent! At least with my tat I know it's done, lol.

On Mexican Time- Oh man, I don't know if I could have a family member be my doctor, that would be weird! Though I suspect if there were no nalgas or private parts involved, it could come in real handy!
Heather said…
LOL! Thats a classic and I will learn from this and not bring kiddos to my doc appts. Just in case i need to get shots.
Andrea Lee said…
Oh dear. I've convinced myself that I don't need to see a doctor just so I can avoid shots.

Hope all that medicine is helping you feel better!

Islagringo said…
I had a similar Dr experience recently while in Huatulco. (of course I am going to blog about it!) I think your big mistake though is to lie on the table. Next time try just leaning over. You can't clench as well and you stay more relaxed.
minshap said…
As someone who was taught to give shots, I can tell you that it's much scarier to give them than to get them... my husband taught me at the tender age of 25, when he caught a bad cold, bought the meds and instructed me how to inject him. I thought I would faint when I got ready to do the deed... and the syringe got clogged (sometimes happens w/penicillin) and I had to jab him twice... I was in tears, let me tell you...but he was completely blasé... talk about trusting your partner!!!! AFter that, I had to inject my own kids (ask Fned about that one!) when they got sick, and you cry alot when you have to prick their tender skin... but when they got better, I felt better, which made me get better at giving shots... as for getting a shot, that's nothing, as long as I trust the person giving it!
Steve Cotton said…
I am with you. "Phlegm" is one of my favorite words -- all those consonants. I always imagine that the vowels were hacked right out of the word.

Hope you are feeling better -- and phlegmless."
CancunCanuck said…
Heather- Oh seriously girl, the kids will think it's hysterical that mommy is on the owie end of the needle for a change!

Andrea Lee- I'm with you, I avoid the doctor until I am REALLY sick, thus, the needle. If I had gone when it was just a sinus infection, I could have fought it with pills. Sigh..... :)

IslaGringo- Bend over, huh? I'll have to try it, but I would be afraid of falling over with the needle in my butt, lol! Looking forward to your report (I've got some massive blog reading to catch up on, oy!). :)

Minshap- Ooooh, I don't think I could ever DO the injections, receiving is bad enough but knowing I was causing the agony would kill me, you are a braver woman than I!

Steve- Consonants are such fun, aren't they? Part of the joy of living in Mexico, just looking at some of the names of cities, "Tlaxcala", "Dzenotchel","Xplacam", "Yaxche" and the list goes on and on of course. :)
Oh my... I cant believe I was THIS behind with your blog.. Im sooo embarrased!!!!

Im sure you are in full health by now... In my case, the thing is the contrary.... Im so used to getting shots, and they dont even hurt me at all.. So, I take the girls with me so they can see it doesnt hurt...

Max is just tooo funny!!! And I can see you looking for a lollypop no matter what you say now!! LOL
CancunCanuck said…
Momto3- Yep, feeling better though it took a long time. I am a total chicken about shots, I hate them! And yep, I'll probably pull out the lollipop anyway. :) (Thanks for all your comments, I hope I don't miss any while cleaning out my inbox)

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