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My, Err, My Son's, Preschool Solar System Project

I mentioned in a previous post that I was off to do build a model of the solar system for Max's homework and some of you remarked that you would like to see the finished product. Since I am always up for taking requests (well, almost always, don't ask for the topless/thong photo project, it just won't happen), I took some photos while we were working. And I did it without getting paint or glue on the important parts of the camera, yay me!

While it may seem that this was a project completely of my doing, I must tell you that Max actually helped out a lot. He painted the planets and held onto the sticks while the glue set and wanted to do more, he's Mr. "Icandoitallbymyself!" these days. We named the planets several times throughout the project, but much like the male that he is, every time I said "Venus", his mind went to his pants and he screamed "Penis!" and laughed uproariously. I would correct him, he would repeat "Venus",…

Save Quintana Roo! An Excellent Video

My favourite Cancunense blogger (in Spanish), CancunForos shared this video today and I felt compelled to pass it along to you. It's a message that is near and dear to my heart, the continuing destruction of Quintana Roo's natural areas by new (unnecessary) developments. Why oh why do we need more hotels, condos, golf courses, airports, malls? By all accounts, hundreds, if not thousands of hotel rooms sit empty, I have never heard of the state being at 100% occupancy, what good will a new hotel do for the area if there is no one to fill the rooms? Who on earth is buying the $500 000 USD condo (and that's a low price) or the multi-million dollar homes on the beaches? Why are we allowing greed to corrupt the natural beauty of this incredible piece of the earth? The price is being paid by the flora and fauna and eventually will be paid by the people of Mexico who are set to lose so much.

Please take a moment to watch this video. It's 7 and 1/2 minutes, but so worth i…

A Quick Plug for Charity

I recently received an email from a website called HotelsCombined asking if I would spread the word about their services. Normally I ignore these sorts of requests, but this one was a little different. Number one, they donate $20 to my choice of the World Wildlife Fund, Make a Wish Foundation or World Vision for mentioning HotelsCombined in the blog. I like that. Number two, they are not a sales site, nor a booking engine, nor do they have ads on the site. They are a service that allows you to search a multitude of travel sites for information, photos and the best deals. I like that too. If you want to book travel, you are taken to their affiliate's site and the booking is done directly with the supplier. Cool beans.

So, check out HotelsCombined for your travel needs and if you are a blogger, check out their charitable donation program and get on board. Just by posting this I've contributed $20 to the World Wildlife Fund, best thing I've done today.

Puerto Morelos- 1st Time Snorkeler and Project Orange/Naranja

We had another splendid day on the beach in Puerto Morelos yesterday, fantastic weather, calm waters and nice people sharing our space. The highlight of the day was teaching Max how to snorkel, what a little shark! He's been doing really well in his swimming classes and expressed an interest in "Finding Nemo" so we pulled out Hubby's equipment and gave him his first taste of the under water life. We were just on the edge of shore so sadly there were no fish to be seen, but he was able to breathe properly with the snorkel which is really the first step to becoming Jacques Cousteau. We've promised to take him to XelHa or to a cenote, both places offer calm waters and a great environment for teaching kids the art of breathing underwater though a tube. Our big battle was keeping the tip of the snorkel above water, even just a little wave and he was going to get a big mouthful of salt water and we really wanted to build his confidence with the equipment, so we we…

Canuck's Mail Bag

"Letters, I get letters, I get lots and lots of letters..." (Does David Letterman still get letters or has he changed his little ditty to "emails"?)

Every morning I open my email inbox and find it filled with little treasures. I receive such a variety of emails from readers that I thought I would share with you the most common kinds of questions and requests that I deal with everyday.

"Yo! Wuz up Canuck?
Wow, I like totally dig yer blog, Im jelous that you get to live in the most rockingest party town EVAH! So me and my friends was talkin bout comin down to the 'Cun to kick it for a few months or even a year, live on the beach, party HARD all night and work in a bar during the day, can you like hook us up with some jobz and a place to live?"

Um, no. Usually I am a little more polite than that, I'll direct them to some forums on how to live in Mexico and explain to them that there is a little thing called "immigration" that would prevent t…

Escape From Cancun- Isla Blanca

Aerial View of Isla Blanca
photo courtesy Noticaribe

Sunday morning dawned bright and warm, blue skies, fluffy white clouds and the compelling sense that we must escape Cancun for the day. I'd been trapped in the house feeling sick for days and though I wasn't 100%, I knew that some sunshine and salt water up the nose would make me feel a whole lot better. Instead of reading news stories about the end of the world, we thought we would go sit at the edge of the world. Or at least as close as you can get down here.

We arrived at Pirata Morgan around 11:00 to find that the rave from the night before wasn't quite finished. There were a few hippies recovering from the party, smoking a little weed and grooving to the blaring techno music. I like hippies, I just wasn't keen on the pounding electronic beat on my beach escape day, whatever happened to Janis Jopin?? And really, skulls and fetuses were not what I was looking for when I headed out for some nature.

Groovy beach d…

Going to the Doctor in Cancun- A Tale with a Sore End

I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor today after five days of what I thought was just a sinus infection with a little cough. Turns out it's "un infección muy fuerte" (a very strong infection) according to the man in the white coat. Bronchitis and sinusitis, yippee! The very quiet doctor checked my throat, took my temperature and blood pressure and listened to my chest for a long time, then started writing and writing on his prescription pad. He started to go through the list with me but I stopped him after the first one. "Injections? Really? I can't just get pills?" (I'm SUCH a chicken about shots). "No señora, it's a very serious infection we need to do the injections". (Conversation in Spanish of course). Every item on the list made me see peso signs in my head, I was concerned about how much this was all going to cost me. Boy was I surprised! Three ampules of antibiotics for the dreaded injections, one bottle of…

Going to My Happy Place

Combine a sinus infection, a stretch of cold weather, money worries, relationship stuff and an obsession with reading the news (which is never good) and I've got myself a good old case of the blues. I've got a wicked headache on top of it so I really just want to crawl into bed and throw the covers over my head and make the world go away. Instead, I'm going to write about the things that make me happy in the hopes that I can stimulate the joy centers of my psyche. These are in no particular order, just the way they jumped into my brain when I ordered it to think happy thoughts.

1. Peppermint patties
2. Fuzzy socks
3. Kittens
4. Arrachera
5. Max and Hubby (yeah, should have been first, but who can defy the mind when it screams CHOCOLATE?)
6. The Caribbean Sea and the beach
7. "Viva las Vegas" starring Elvis and Ann Margret
8. Over the counter anti-biotics
9. Short hair cuts
10. My family
11. Triscuits
12. Sketch comedy
13. Max's new fluffly yellow pillow wh…

Tourists Safe in Cancun

If you are a regular in the Mexican blogosphere, you know that Rivergirl wrote of this topic today and Gabatcha shared her thoughts on this matter yesterday. We were all set off by a recent article found on Associated Content written by Julia Bodeeb that is inaccurate and obviously written without any real knowledge of what is happening in Mexico. The article was posted on a Cancun information forum and we soon discovered that attempting to comment on her piece was futile. Several of us have posted comments that dispute her statement that tourists should avoid Cancun, we've asked her for evidence that Cancun is unsafe for tourists and she is consistently (and rapidly) deleting the comments that disagree with her blatant lies and misinformation. One poster contacted the writer directly to challenge her about deleting comments and she replied with a delightfully courteous "You blow". You would think that a professional "journalist" would be able to engage in…

The Worms Go In

It finally happened, my sweet little computer died.  We were hit by a worm last week and despite all Hubby's best efforts and all the anti-virus software in the world, "Pooter" as I affectionately call her, bit the bullet last night.  I'm in the cyber cafe right now just checking in, but oh woe is me, I am mourning my baby.  Of course, it had to happen right when I was putting finishing touches on the exam that took me hours to create that I needed this morning for my kid's class.  All the time I spent making it personal and creative, with pictures, a reading comprehension exercise that was about everyone in the class, fun questions to make them think, kabooie.  I had to cut and paste some old boring exams together to make sure they had something this morning, but I am truly bummed they won't see my masterpiece.  And never mind checking emails, blogs, forums, news, these are just a few of my favourite things that I won't be seeing for a while.
Sooo, Hubby …

The Man of a Thousand Faces

Wellll, a more appropriate title would be "The Little Boy of Nine Faces", but it just doesn't have the same ring to it. I had promised Max that we would go out for lunch if he did well on his English exam and TA-DA, he received a star on his forehead and an "Excellent" in his workbook so off we went to "Boorger King" (I'm working on his accent, sigh). He was showing me the faces of emotion he had to demonstrate for his exam and he demanded I take pictures, so, here you go, my little joker and his amazing facial contortions. (Ok, ok, "amazing" is an exaggeration, but please, a little poetic license for a proud mom!)

Max quotes of the month!

1. "Remember when I was a baby yesterday and I made a mess with ketchup? I was just tiny, I big now."
2. "Es la ultima vez que te lo digo, no soy un bebé!!" ("This is the last time I am going to tell you, I am not a baby!")
3. "My penis is bigger than yours mommy.…

Jobs in Cancun- The Real Deal

My inbox fills up constantly with people wanting to "live the dream" of moving to paradise. I always reply honestly, that if you are coming here to look for a job, it's going to be a difficult feat. Jobs for foreigners are quite limited, immigration is difficult and competition is high. Aside from that, the hours are long (most jobs are six days a week, 10 hours a day) and the salaries are very, very low. The cost of living is not that much cheaper than Canada or the US, some things may be less expensive, most are about the same or more costly. I would venture to say that most ex-pats I know living in Cancun are not working here, they have income from outside of Mexico or they are retired and living on their savings and retirement plans. It's a whole different ball game when trying to work and live here with a family. Minimum wage in Mexico varies, there are three different regions, though the average is about 52 pesos per DAY. By today's exchange rate, t…

Enanitos Toreros- Bull Fighting Little People

I saw this very large poster on the bull ring this morning. I really don't know what to say about this, I'm kind of speechless. And confused. And disturbed. And amused, is that wrong?

Since I'm always looking out for my readers, I thought I would save you the 100 peso entrance fee, so here's a video of the famous "Enanitos Toreros de Mexico".

Oh darn, look at the date, I'm washing my hair on the 8th! The little people will have to torture the bulls without me.