A Visit from a Long Lost Cousin

Back to reality today after a whirlwind of a weekend with my visiting cousin. Not only was it his first time in Cancun, but it was his first time meeting Max and Hubby and the first time we've seen each other in over 13 years! This is the cousin that I was closest to while growing up and yet in our adulthood we'd drifted apart. Actually, the whole family has drifted apart much to our dismay. We used to spend lots of time together, many family events with the whole clan, cousins, uncles, aunts and more and yet since Grandma died we haven't seen each other. I guess she was the glue holding it all together. I think it's time for someone to pick up where she left off., I'm thinking family reunion in Cancun!

It was amazing to be able to reminisce about things I have not thought about in 20 years or more. He reminded me of stupid things I did as a kid and I reminded him of the stupid things he's always done (haha). We talked about Grandma's recipes for poppy seed bread and tea rings. We talked about family "scandals" and shocking information about family members that only ever made it down to the cousins after the scandalous family member had died. We mostly talked about how great both of our sets of parents are. I love his mom and dad (my aunt and uncle of course), they are amazing people, very funny and warm and adventurous. Heck, his dad is 76 and still roller-blades, rides a motorcycle and windsurfs on the Detroit River! His mom is Jamaican and has a fabulous accent, I tried out my best impersonation of her when she is angry, the memory of her voice is reverberating through my mind today. Cousin said he has modeled a lot of his life after my dad, I didn't realize how much of an impact he had had on him. I was reminded that my parents were the "cool" parents, taking in any of the cousins that had been kicked out of their houses for varying reasons, living with us on the farm to "keep them out of trouble". Oh sure, like there wasn't trouble to be found out there anyway!

Cousin's trip was short and sweet, he returns to Puebla today to continue his own ex-pat adventures. I'm trying to convince him to start a blog, the man has some good stories! Max fell in love with him and I think the feeling was mutual. Cousin gave Max his first ride on a jet ski, nothing like a little first time adventure to plant lifelong memories in my boy's head! Cousin needs to come back to Cancun, we didn't get to explore nearly enough and I feel bad that we didn't get him to the ruins because of a nasty Sunday morning hangover. Sorry cuz! Next time.....

Here are a couple of photos of our time together in Cancun.....

Big Tall Cousin

Max's First Jet Ski Ride

Hubby and Cousin Post-Jet Ski

Cousin and Max Getting Along Famously

Sunset on the Beach Behind Ambiance Villas
(best beach in Cancun right now, bar none!)

I'm so happy we got to visit and play and hang out. Thanks so much cuz, please come again soon and get that blog going, will ya? Don't make me use your momma's voice.....


What a great sunset pic. I love the idea of learning all the fun stories of family members. Glad you had a fun trip.
Sue said…
Reminds me of my cousins - great memories, thanks. And so true, it's the Grandmas that hold the family together. Our family has sort of fumbled since Grandma died.

Enjoyed your pictures, glad to see a great beach in Cancun!
K.W. Michigan said…
Seating at my desk I'm going to look out the window to watch his Dad windsurf on the Detroit River. (next summer that is) Glad you enjoyed your visit.
Brice said…
Long-lost cousins are great! I miss mine.
And i'm SO looking forward to visiting in February!!!
Ya know... I loved it when my friend came and visited me a few weeks ago. It was a blast. but we partied sooo much that by the time she left. I needed a rest.

Also my sister in law in the states is the glue that keeps everyone together there. I miss her soo soo much. Nice story, thanks.
CancunCanuck said…
Rosas Clan- We did have fun, glad you liked the pic! It was a beautiful sunset, easy to photograph. :)

Sue- The beach behind Ambiance Villas is terrific, it's the "old" soft powdery sand and it stretches quite a distance, just lovely! Amazing how much we take for granted from our families and grandmas, it's a big job to hold everyone together!

K.W.- LOL, if you see an old man out with his board, wave and say hello! We enjoyed our visit very much, thank you.

Brice- I am so excited about your visit, yahoooooooo! Now, go look up those old cousins and re-connect before the year is out. :)

PuertoVallartaGirl- Welcome, nice to "meet" you! I know what you mean about needing a rest, I am still tired. Glad to hear that someone in the family is keeping everyone together, rock on sister in law! I look forward to reading more of your blog, hopefully I can read some of your old posts over the next few days. Great to have a PV blogger, get the feel of the "other side". :)
Heather said…
Wow a family visit, happy for you chica!
That is sooo cool... Im very happy for you and for your boys that you all got to spend some time with a person that is so important for you....

Dont leave those plans of a family reunion in the air... Maybe in 2009???
CancunCanuck said…
Heather- It was great to have family around and get to play tourist, thanks.

Momto3- Hmmm, little ole me plan a reunion? Maybe...... ;-)

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