Playa del Carmen Photos

I am so behind with some of my posts, this was meant to go up last week! We took a spur of the moment trip to Playa del Carmen last Sunday to enjoy the beach and a little bit of window shopping on Fifth Avenue. We didn't last long on the beach, it was a bit chilly and the wind was whipping sand in our eyes so we wimped out and went for a walk instead of a swim.

For those who have never had the pleasure, Playa del Carmen (affectionately known simply as "Playa") is a popular tourist town about 45 minutes south of Cancun. The community is growing fast, it's changed a lot even in the five years that I have been living in the area. Many new hotels, restaurants and condo developments, it's a regular boom town. Fifth Avenue is the main strip in town, chock full of restaurants, bars and of course, souvenir vendors. It's a beautiful street really, even if you haven't got two pesos to shop with it's fun to walk around, people watch and laugh at some of the super tacky merchandise. The beaches in Playa really seem to vary, the erosion has gotten the best of them and they are in need of replenishing.

Anywho, this story is best told with photos, so here you go, a peek at Playa del Carmen....

Beach South of Shangri La Hotel
(notice how few people are out in that weather?)

Typical Vendor with all the Tchotchkes

Brightly Coloured Crap, I Mean, Merchandise
(I shouldn't be crude, a lot of the stuff is lovely
but most of it is crap, lol)

Los Novios
(I love this store, it has some beautiful Day of the Dead art)

Oh So Safe on Fifth
(Police get fun toys)

See? Fun Toys for the Police
(Santa, please send me a clown car police vehicle for Xmas)

The Fruit Ladies

Awww, Rainbow on the Beach

Our Last Stop, the Vulcanizadora
Something every tourist should hope to miss
(and yes, he was reading a girly magazine)

The Reason for the Vulcanizadora
(I just want to say "vulcanizadora" a hundred times,
love that word! Obviously it means "tire fixin' guy)

Our Playa del Carmen Souvenir

And there you have it, a glimpse of a lovely Mexican Caribbean tourist town. My only regret is not planning the trip ahead, we may have been able to meet up with the Playa bloggers, sorry Miss Heather and Miss Michele! We'll call ahead next time.


Anonymous said…
Nice pics Canuck. In the Vulcanizadora pic, is that coke bottle the rest room ;)

I just couldnt resist.

On Mexican Time said…
Awww...makes me want to live there even more! I swear, if I didn't have family in Cancun I'd live in Playa or Merida... No questions asked!! Great weekend getaway though!!!

Fabulous pics!!! Hope you had fun!
Heather said…
Looks like a cute weekend get away. My mom would buy all that colorful crap, lol!
K.W. Michigan said…
Thanks.... you know how much I love these pics!
Gary Denness said…
The police budget for fancy vehicles seems to be never ending! They go up and down Reforma on Segways in DF!
Anonymous said…
gorgeous pics....estoy celosa!!!!!!! but not of the vulcanizadora!!!...LOL
Anonymous said…
I was in Playa the last 10 days, just got home this afternoon ... I wish I had known you and Max were going to be there :(

CancunCanuck said…
Gonzo- Ewwww. You're twisted. ;-)

On Mexican Time- I would love to live in Playa too, our jobs tie us here and now Max's school. Luckily, it's just up the road and easy to visit!

Heather- Teehee, a lot of people buy the colorful crap. Some of it is really cute like I said, but so much of it is actually made in China garbage. :)

K.W.- Always think of you when posting beach pics, glad you liked!

Gary- Segways? Really? Have yet to see that here, but maybe it's because the roads and sidewalks are such crap, lol!

Erica- Hey girl, nice to see you! Glad you liked the pics, you need to come down and see it in real life! :)

Janie- Dang it! I wish I had known, but hey, I didn't even know we were going til we were on the highway saying "Where to today?" Next time!

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