My Little Dolphin

Max's swimming lessons are coming along very well, I am so proud of my fishy! He loves to go to "swimmin' school", in fact he asks to go everyday. He gets through the class with a big smile on his face and lots of laughs. He's learning fast, and even when something is "scawy", he does it without complaint. The teachers are fantastic, they really push the kids and don't let them get away with anything! They have fun but they work hard too, Max is exhausted by the end of class. I think we'll stick with this for a while, he loves it, it's good for him and living where we do he really needs to be an expert in the water. Aside from what he's getting out of it, I'm learning too. Sitting on the sidelines with the other parents gives me an opportunity to make new mommy friends and practice my Spanish, everyone wins!

Here's a quickie video, a little from his first class and a little from his sixth class (last night). I was blown away by his trip to the bottom of the pool and his swimming on his own, this from a kid who wouldn't put his ears under water only three weeks ago!

Thanks for watching!


Anonymous said…
That is awesome! How fun to see how Max has improved already.

AMy in MN
TAB in PA said…
Thanks for sharing. I have been reading your blogs for awhile now and I feel liek I know you and your family
Jonna said…
Wow!! Just freakin WOW!! You go Max, that underwater thing was incredible and he did a really good job of swimming alone with his face in the water. WOW!! I'm really impressed with Max and with his teacher. I see a handsome dive guide in training.
ahealey said…
Sooo cute, and brave too! What a great little boy, you are lucky, enjoy every minute, before you know it he will be all grown up.
K.W. Michigan said…
You GO Max .. that was great. Maybe he can teach me!!
1st Mate said…
Wonderful progress, what a wise thing to give him. Now he'll have confidence in the water, and who knows? maybe save a life someday.
Anonymous said…
that really was impressive-i just said "WOW" when i saw him and the teacher go under water. that last picture of him is precious-love his expression.

the teacher is a cutie. too bad i'm old enough to be his mother!

teresa in lake stevens
Heather said…
So jealous! We have a pool in our backyard but OMGosh its freezing right now, lol!
Congrats, go max!!! Hey maybe he can get a gold medal for canada one day, right next to Tiago on the soccer team, lol!
Anonymous said…
wowo what a great little dolphin he is out flipper!!! Theres a new guy in town !
minshap said…
theresa in lake stevens took the words right out of my mouth!! beautiful video put together with totally befitting musical accompaniment!
Anonymous said…
WOW! Very impressive.
CancunCanuck said…
Since all of you had pretty much the same thing to say, I'll do a single response. THANKS! :) We're really proud of him and so impressed with the school.

Hopefully we'll have some snorkeling trips soon!
That is simply AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Max!!!

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