Potholes in Cancun

I thought since posting yesterday about roads being repaired, that I should actually show you why the roads need to be repaired. I managed to grab some photos of some lovely potholes not too far from my house without killing myself in the process, phew!

Since a picture says a thousand words, I won't, at least not today. The evidence speaks for itself, the roads here are a wreck!

There you have it, the obstacle course that is Cancun. And that was only one street and not the worst of them.


My Way said…
That road is always HORRIBLE! It's a disaster! Funny I would recognize it.

It's not even that bad right now. I remember at times, it was so bad there was no way to avoid them....it was just pothole connected to pothole. Worse than a gravel road.
Heather said…
Yep got to get your swerve on to avoid those bad boys, lol!
CancunCanuck said…
My Way- I figured you would know where that was, it's a rough spot for sure!

Heather- LOL, if I was "getting my swerve on", that would be some serious dangerous driving, teeheee!
Mimi said…
LOL, these make me want to try to get a pic of some of the "axle breaker/VW swallowing", ones on the Coba road!
Glad you didn't wreak trying to get those shots!
Got same problem on the Pacific Side too!

We live a small coastal town so still gave many dirt rodes which really get bad.
On Mexican Time said…
I'm thinking I have to trade the Jetta in... for a Hummer! LOL :))
Okay - I really do know how to spell and proper grammar but I am a lousy typist. Do over:

"We live in a small coastal town so we still have many dirt roads which get really bad."

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