Air Supply in Cancun!

We were driving past Plaza de Toros today and saw a huge banner for Air Supply! I almost broke my neck trying to see the dates. December 11th my pre-teen obsession (well, one of many) will be playing live in the house of the tortured bull!

Dear Santa.......


JJ said…
Oh how fun if you get to go! I saw them about 5 years or so ago at the casino in Lincoln City (a beach city in Oregon). The venue sucked but the place was packed and the show was actually really good. I even stood in line and got their autographs, just to be a dork. You know, a secretly thrilled dork.
CancunCanuck said…
JJ- Yay, glad I am not alone in my geeky love for Air Supply! I've got to wait for quincena and then try to get some tickets, I hope they don't sell out before pay day!
Psst...don't tell anyone. I'll go with you!!!
CancunCanuck said…
Michele- Yay for the super secret shameful fans of Air Supply, lol! I'm going to check out the prices on pay day and see if I can swing it. I'll let you know, would be fun if you could make it down!

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