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What's This? The results....

Yesterday I posted this photo and asked you lovely readers to identify it.....

The answers included "roots of some kind, extreme close-up of my pubic hair, George Clinton's hair, a broom, internet cables, mangrove and palm tree roots". The winner is "My Guey" with her answer of palm tree roots! My dear, you have won my respect, my un-dying devotion and 10 points, congrats!

I'm amazed that these trees that can reach such heights are supported by such measly little root systems. I'm saddened to see how the erosion of the beach is affecting Playa del Carmen, this poor little tree might not last if the erosion continues to get worse. I hope the beach recovery program gets going in time to rescue not only the tree, but the cabana beside it, any more beach loss and that cabana is going to be in big trouble!

Here are some longer shots of the same palm, you can see how almost all the roots are bare. Notice the red "DANGER" tape on the cabana? Norma…

What's This?

Ten points and bragging rights to the person who can tell me exactly what this is...(sorry, no trophies or cash prizes today)

Potholes in Cancun

I thought since posting yesterday about roads being repaired, that I should actually show you why the roads need to be repaired. I managed to grab some photos of some lovely potholes not too far from my house without killing myself in the process, phew!

Since a picture says a thousand words, I won't, at least not today. The evidence speaks for itself, the roads here are a wreck!

There you have it, the obstacle course that is Cancun. And that was only one street and not the worst of them.

Shocking Photos!

Ok, got your attention and I am sad to say there is no nudity in this post. Just photos of something rarely seen in Cancun, a road crew actually fixing our rotten streets! I was so shocked that I thought I had better call the press, this was breaking news!

For those of you who don't live here, you might not get the joke. The streets of Cancun are a DISASTER. Truly, pot holes the size of cenotes, they're swallowing cars whole, I swear. Driving anywhere is like off-roading blindfolded, swerving, steering this way and that to avoid the gigantic pits in the streets and never quite succeeding, I always manage to have one neck-jarring jolt wherever I go. The media has been attacking the mayor for months now about his inability to fulfill his promise of fixing the problem. Two months of rain didn't help the issue, just made things much much worse.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I witnessed this while walking with Max last week.....

Lots of Men for Lots of Holes

Joker, Joker, Joker!

As a mom I am realizing that we can always "feel" a change in our kids, at least I can. There's nothing you can put your finger on, just something is different. Max has recently been through such a change. It's not a developmental thing that you can put on a chart, it's like another little light went on in his brain and he's found a new part of his personality. I call it "joker". He is really developing his sense of humour and he thinks he's quite clever. He's becoming a story teller too, sharing his tales of super heroes and kitties that need rescuing, but always managing to get a zinger in that sends him to the floor with laughter. Yes, he thinks farts and bums are funny, but he's getting beyond that as well. I've got a regular Shecky Greene on my hands and I couldn't be happier.

For example:

"One day, there was a Spiderman in my house. He was the black one and I was the red one. The kitties were crying, 'Help …

Cancun Party Center

We rarely ever get out to the hotel zone of Cancun. We never really spent a lot of time out there anyway but since Hubby changed jobs and doesn't work in the zona, our trips to TouristLandia are few and far between. We can't afford the restaurants, the night clubs just don't hold that much appeal and the beaches in the zone can't hold a candle to our secret little places out of town.

For those of you who don't know, Cancun is divided into the zona hotelera (hotel zone) and centro. (downtown) The HZ (as we often refer to it) is actually an island, a sand bar if you will, covered in hotels, restaurants and night clubs. There are a few residential areas, but they are mostly for "da rich folk" or folks richer than us anyway. Centro is where most of us peons live, residential areas for almost 700 000 residents of varying degrees of income and mall after mall after mall.

On Tuesday evening as we were very early for the Delgadillo concert (at Teatro Cancun i…

Air Supply in Cancun!

We were driving past Plaza de Toros today and saw a huge banner for Air Supply! I almost broke my neck trying to see the dates. December 11th my pre-teen obsession (well, one of many) will be playing live in the house of the tortured bull!

Dear Santa.......

Yet Another Cancun Weather Post

I know, I know, everyone up in Canada and the US and a whole whack of other countries have it much worse than we do weather-wise. I shouldn't complain and the cool weather shouldn't affect me. I grew up with blizzards, snow days and ice storms! I'm not "complaining" per se, just um, reporting the weather. The day time is alright now that it's sunny, it's actually delightful to be able to go for long walks without sweating like a hog. The mornings and evenings on the other hand are down right chilly. Shivery cold. Teeth chattering at times. Yes, I've suffered far worse winters, but I don't have to pretend that I like the cold.

We're feeling the chill right now from cold front Number 10, affecting almost the entire country of Mexico. The Civil Protection Agency of Quintana Roo is warning people to take care of children and the elderly as temperatures may reach as low as 8 C in parts of the state. States in Central and Northern Mexico a…

Fernando Delgadillo in Concert

A few weeks ago we were driving along when Hubby saw a sign for a concert and sighed deeply saying how much he would like to see the show. I had never heard of the singer but since I lurve Hubby so much I went out and bought tickets for the concert as a surprise. I searched Youtube for videos to know what I was getting myself into and I fell in love. Fernando Delgadillo is a "trovador" (troubador), a folk singer from Mexico who has been performing for the last twenty years. His music reminds me so much of my "good ole days" in Toronto when I worked with a lot of folk singers, I listened to a few songs and got a little misty to be honest.

Tuesday night finally rolled around and Miss LisaLoveLoca took the role of niñera (babysitter) f and off we went for a (shock gasp!) couple's night out! No three year old? Whatever would we do? I was a bit of an idiot and thought the concert started at 7 pm so we were two hours early for the 9 pm start. Ahem, oops. We…

Crazy Canuck "Chills" on the Beach

Well, it's official, I am crazy about the beach. The weather has been lousy, cold and windy but that didn't stop us from heading out to Isla Blanca on our holiday Monday. We bundled up a little more than usual and for the first time we didn't actually do any swimming, but we had a fine time making sand castles and "found item art". Max and I scoured the beach looking for things we could use to make pictures on the sand, much fun! I did have to clarify that I was looking for natural items and not all the trash that was lying around, who wants to see a mermaid made with old shoes and broken beer bottles? There's not a huge amount of trash on Isla Blanca and what is there pretty obviously came from boats, there just isn't enough beach traffic to warrant the pieces we found. Please, clean up after yourself on the beach and don't throw trash off of your boats, let's keep the ocean a beautiful and pure place!

Big Sky Day on Isla Blanca

First Attempt…

Please Pass the Poi

Well hello all, welcome back. We had a long holiday weekend here so I took a little break but I'm baaaaack.

The weather hasn't been great around here, too cold and windy for my liking, but I did get out to the beach a couple of times over the weekend. Who says it needs to be 90 with a scorching sun? Saturday was my first excursion and a lovely one it was. I had a much needed break and was able to join LisaLoveLoca and some of her friends on their secret beach for some poi ball spinning. Hmm, poi ball spinning? Yes, poi ball spinning. Five chicks with toys on a secret hideaway beach, what could be more fun than that? Many moons ago I was a dancer. I studied for 20 years and part of my training was in polynesian dance so I am not a stranger to the poi though it's been a looooong time since I had the balls in my hot little hands. (Get your mind out of the gutter please!) It was incredible to find that my body remembered a lot of the tricks and I could keep up with…

First Day of Swimming Lessons

I am pleased to announce that Max is on his way to being the next Michael Phelps. Or Aquaman if you ask him. We've been meaning to get him into swimming lessons forever and finally got him enrolled in some classes. Mommy and Daddy's bodies are going to be very grateful, all our beach visits end with sore backs and necks from an ever growing three year old hanging off of us. We're also extremely eager to take Max snorkeling and therefore, he must know how to swim. (Can I get a "duh!"?)

Max has never been afraid of the water, quite the opposite really, he loves it. He just won't let go of us if we are in deeper water. I've tried to teach him how to float, but he hates to get the water in his ears, so my own efforts at swimming instruction have not come to much, time for the pros!

After only one class I am thrilled with what I saw. The class is small, four kids to one teacher and a very patient teacher he is indeed. I spoke with some of the other par…

Kicking Myself for Kicking Myself

I'm so good at self flagellating, I could make it an Olympic sport.I criticize myself, second guess myself and wonder WTF I am doing all the time. One of the drawbacks of years of therapy is that I can recognize it when I am doing it, know that it is wrong, and guessed it, I kick myself for kicking myself.

Conversation between me and me....

"I'm a terrible mother, I am screwing up royally, who let me have a baby?"

"Don't be ridiculous, you know you are a good mother, you are doing the best you can. You've got to stop being so hard on yourself."

"Oh you are right, I am too hard on myself, how stupid could I be to be so insecure? I know better than that, I am the worst, stupid, stupid, stupid."

"Now you are being stupid about being stupid, stop!"

"Oh you are right again, I am such a fool. I know I am smart and a good person, what an idiot I am for thinking otherwise. Idiot, idiot, idiot."

And so on and so …

At Last, At Last, a Beach Day At Last!

Two months. TWO MONTHS without going to the beach, I was about to have a serious breakdown/tantrum/crying jag when Sunday rolled around all beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Yahoo, beach day, beach day, let's go to Puerto Morelos! The half hour drive was painful, Max has not yet discovered the phrase "Are we there yet?" but he was chanting "Beach, beach, beach!" the whole trip, then screaming "I can't see the beach, I want the beach!" for the last ten minutes. I think the kid was as desperate as I was, can't blame him. We hit our usual spot behind the Ojo de Agua hotel and got to work building sandcastles, jumping in the water and taking a long walk. I am refreshed, reborn and satisfied, amazing how one little beach day can change a girl's whole outlook on life. I can once again say "It's all good" when people ask how my life is going. For me the sea has a way of washing away all of life's little (and …