Que Rico los Tacos Rigos!

Living on a budget we rarely ever go out to eat, and when we do, we go some place relatively cheap, but definitely yummy. We've always got to take into consideration our rambunctious three year old too, so no "fancy schmancy" restaurants for us! On Sunday evening we decided to splurge, heck to the budget and went out for tacos. Tacos Rigos is "expensive" for us, but we went for it anyway, the tacos are always yummy and Max likes the decor. I had one bistec, one chuleta and one arrachera taco, Max had two bistec and Hubby had (are you ready for this?), one taco de ojo (EYEBALLS), one lengua (tongue), one suadero (I think it's like brisket) and one surtido (mixed). Ok, seriously, I cannot eat food that is looking at me but he insists it's delish! Hubby and Max split a fabulously fresh glass of mango juice and I had a chelada (beer and lime). The bill was 145 pesos (around $14 bucks), pretty good for all the food we had! Well worth the splurge not having to cook too!

Tacos Rigos, in Cancun since 1988

Always busy (and brightly lit)

Can you see why Max likes the decor?

I heart Chief Wiggum

Max the professional taco eater. He asked for more hot salsa.

Friendly, camera loving kitchen staff

Hubby's odd selection of tacos. Can you see the eyeballs?

And there is your Canucka restaurant report from Cancun. Tacos Rigos is located downtown, close to Market 28, on the glorieta on Palenque. They've got delivery and they cater parties too, I'm always happy to see Rigos at the fiestas!


Islagringo said…
Although Hubby's tacos look mighty yummy, I don't think I would be ordering those kind! I'm a pollo, chuleta, arrechera kind of guy! The decor of the place kind of looks like a VIP's for tacos!

I think the standard price for tacos over here is from 11 - 13 pesos each, depending upon the variety and, of course, if you get cheese on them! Gotta have the cheese! The best are at the baseball field, under the bleachers. They even have a long buffet table for all the fixings. Yum!
Anonymous said…
No eyeballs or tongue for me. There is a pretty authentic Mexican fast food place up the street from me. Once when I was in there was a senior couple trying to decide what kind of tacos to order. The husband said he thought maybe lengua. I whispered to them that lengua was tongue and they looked like they were going to barf!
The baseball tacos have moved into La Gloria. Have you been to their new location?
Islagringo said…
jackie, i had no idea they were moving. That's how much I know!
K.W. Michigan said…
Yuck .. no eyeballs for me. I'll keep this place in mind for my next visit. I like Taco Lotta (misspelled?). yum yum ..
Ale said…
YUM! (no eyeball tacos either please!)
My3Ro's said…
I love tacos too. I also love lengua....but I am strange. I crave menudo weekly too. I will not touch ojos, cesos or tripas however. That is a good price. Love the pics.
Sign me up for all of the above. I will seriously eat any nasty ole thing you put in front of me. Yummo!
Brice said…
Didn't you take Tara and I there when we visited Cancun? that place was GOOD. great patio too...
Kids have had tongue but I have not seen eyeball yet. I am part of the "pass" group on eyeballs though. Fun post and great pics.
CancunCanuck said…
Gringo- I'm with you, I stick to the meat meat and not the bits and pieces, teehee. Rigos can be "pricey" for us, the arrachera is 15 pesos per taco and the "paquete" of three plus goodies is 75 pesos and up. I prefer the 10 or 11 peso tacos, but sometimes it's nice to splurge. :)

Jackie- Tongue I get, though I still won't eat it but eyeballs are just over the top for me. Hubby also likes his "nerve" tacos, just looks like transparent worms to me, blech!

K.W.- Taco Lote is yum too, but I do recommend trying Tacos Rigos, kind of a Cancun tradition now.

Ale- What? A good Mexican girl who doesn't like her tacos de ojo? Just kidding of course, lol! Where do you stand on escamoles or huitlacoche? :)

My3Ros- Ewwwww to menudo, guacala, lol! Not a fan of moronga either, do you like it?

Michele- You are a braver soul than I! I can't eat any food that looks at me, lol.

Brice- Nope, different place. I took you guys to Taco Factory which yes indeed was good with a great spot for people watching!

American Mommy- That's great that the kids are up for new things, they're going to thrive on this adventure if they've got that attitude! But yeah seriously, eyeballs just cross the line for me. :)
I would give my eye teeth for some decent tacos. Eyeballs, no, but tongue, maybe! Love the wall art, it's like a mash up of every single child's story/comic book in the cosmic ether.

Hope you are feeling better too.

Heather said…
ay ay ay, your making me hungry. Pass on the yes though. Love the walls and friendly staff. Thanks for taking pixs, i always think im the only one who takes the camera every where!

Anonymous said…
Hi there! As a mexican girl i can say that I love me some 'tacos de lengua'! They're delicious, you should try them, although my favorite are 'tacos al pastor'. They have this special sauce for them that is seriously addictive. Have fun discovering more mexican flavors!
CancunCanuck said…
Anon- Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love trying new flavours, I just have one problem, I hate onions! As much as I like the flavour of pastor meat, all those onions just aren't very appealing to me. :) I'm craving some tamales right now...mmmm, tamales.......

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